How about a simple apology for these delays?

I waited for Q3 last fall, then wait until end of q3 with 7th anniversary, then were told Xmas, then a beta notice weeks later, but a further ghosting over the last two weeks. This comprises a 4 month delay. I think we all deserve a sincere apology for these delays and an explaination.



Good luck.


This has been literally every product pimax has ever released. There’s nothing new going on here.

I’d rather then an apology, some communication about progress.


It has been their communication of that progress for which they have consistently needed to apologize :laughing:

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I‘ve got a nice collection of Pimax apology letters/posts. You want to browse through them and choose one? :wink:

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It just kind of takes the enthusiasm out of enthusiast?

Pimax is often very enthusiastic with there projects and have often apologized when they have not met the projected release window(s). This is often the mark of overzealous engineers whom do indeed believe things will continue to progress smoothly.


I doubt it’s the engineers tbh, I imagine it’s more likely a top down issue where management thinks that setting public deadlines will encourage them to work faster. Any company I have ever been at, the engineers are always the most reserved in terms of timelines and expectations but management push for completely unrealistic results and then blame the engineers that warned them instead of accepting their own faults and re-evaluating. (It’s how you then have things like I just mentioned posed as “motivational techniques”).

Sorry to harp on about that, just I really really would be hesitant to blame engineers for what seems very likely a management issue. They are the types to think “Oh these are all off the shelf components, should be trivial!” and then start telling people what their product will be based on the components rather than the reality of what the combination of those components will produce. (Always less than the sum of the parts).

I do agree, Pimax are often very enthusiastic. Actually, not often, they are always very enthusiastic. I think what I mentioned earlier might account for some of it, as in it’s not entirely intended for us but rather a misguided “motivation” technique. And apologies are made, and appreciated, but I had hoped that Pimax had matured from the Kickstarter days. Since the original announcements we have had 6 deadlines communicated and 6 deadlines missed, that is in a space of time of about 4 months. At some point it becomes hard to believe. I don’t want Pimax to rush any project, and I absolutely have faith in them that they can deliver an incredible VR headset that no other company seems to be willing to do, I do also just wish they would re-evaluate their customer facing communication in general. Stop communicating deadlines in general, until they have consistently started to meet internally set deadlines, and focus more on communicating progress reports. The recent Portal XL video was an example of some shift in that direction and I appreciate it.

For crystal, I want to hear an updated spec sheet based on where the hardware and software is, I want to see a projected goal sheet of where the software will push that hardware, and then I want to see updates on the progress. The only deadlines I am willing to accept now are the ones provided by a courier upon receiving a customer’s package. I assumed Pimax had matured since the kickstarter days and that claims of Q3 2022 for the Crystal, and Q4 for 12k, were perhaps achievable now that they had the experience under their belts. Unfortunately that’s clearly not the case but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a massive negative or anything, it’s just a case of unrealistic expectations being set. What pimax have acheived and shown so far is great and had it been presented and framed in a different way then it could have been an absolutely outstanding showcase and elevated Pimax’s reputation greating.

For example, let’s say their showing at CES this year was not after multiple nonsense launch deadlines, but rather just a showcase of progress towards their new product with a “coming soon” message, then it would have been absolute hyped and beloved (it already was but could have been so much more). Rather than announcing standalone early and then saying “it won’t come at launch”, it could have been held off as a stretch goal and people would have been excited for the possibility rather than disappointed by the lack of showing.

I could go on and on. Pimax have incredible talent working for them, produce products that people love, and are engaged with the community more than any other company (I love that so much, seriously). With some minor shifts in approach, the potential and merits that pimax currently hold could position them as one of the most promising and prolific VR companies in the market. Instead we get a series of poorly communicated over promises. It’s frustrating because I can see how things could be shifted, with honestly not much effort, and Pimax’s reputation could be turned around. Right now it will be a while to reverse the reputation, but the last year was an incredible opportunity for Pimax and it was botched.

Again, I love Pimax and I want them to succeed, which is why it ends up being frustrating. I still have hope that things could improve but someone needs to have serious sit downs with upper management in Pimax and tell them to stop worrying about saving face and nonsense management techniques and get them to start listening and communicating properly. It’s fine if the current style works in other markets, keep doing that there then, but adjust the marketing in places that conflict.

Apologies for the million typos that almost certainly exist in this post, I typed it all as I was thinking it so it’s definitely a mess haha


Well Pimax is a very different company that has been mostly engineers that are indeed very enthusiastic. In the early days they had believed they were going to be able to unlock the p4k to be able to do 4k native at 30hz compressed using a chip on the hmd end to uncompress it to 60hz.

In the end they realized a combination if factors with the components and at the time iirc only arm based gpus were using early form of dsc when amd & Nvidia didn’t support it.

The KS’ Brainwarp Frame doubling idea also ended up being bust to obtain for example 90hz add BW to get a perceived 180 frames.

Cultural differences in how companies run does indeed play a factor here. hence overzealous engineers. However yes higher ups will also play a part.


No worries there my android phone plays havok with typos like tge instead of the or if instead of of. lol

Great points! I wasn’t aware of some of that. You could be totally right, although I think at 300+ employees we might be seeing more traditional corporate structures present themselves but tbf, this behaviour is inline with Pimax from day 1 so you’re likely correct in that. I still stand by most of the points that what Pimax current have could have been presented in a way that would have had the complete opposite effect of what we’re currently seeing.

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Just keep in mind the core team members are still likely the optimistic engineers. However am sure they have hired other strong members like @PimaxUSA , @SweViver, @Pimax_Josh and course other excellent members we see like @PimaxQuorra & @hammerhead_gal whom are more visibly known to community members.

It makes pimaxvr imho quite a fascinating company as they are not like what we are used to.


If they ever released a product on time, I’d expect an apology for messing with my expectations. :rofl:

“But Pimax I wasnt ready yet, I expected it next year”

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Pimaxes next marketing slogan.

I really hope that everything’s OK with the Crystal and Pimax. They must be as frustrated as we are. In no way am I asking for personal apologies. My god its a company and its just an HMD.

After all this is there flagship of the new Reality Series and they too must have thought it was releasing quite a bit sooner.


To take the focus off of Pimax if I may: Here’s what really frustrates me: This seems to be the new model for all things. Movies (Im lookong at you Avatar 2), games (Star Citizen), now hardware? Promise for tomorrow and you got captives -keep raking it up and release waaaay later.

The Crystal is the Star Citizen of HMDs, hahah.

I literally have to warn my children about these facts of life now…they waited 4 YEARS beyond the initally projected release date for KSP2 they were 5 at the time now they are ten - only for it to also be released as an “early access” next month, without 3 of 4 major features. There are other examples, but try explaining that every year to children. Good thing Christmas isnt a kickstarter.

I thought I was a skeptical person, now I feel like a sucker…

It’s one thing to say “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Now it should be said “Soon means: not at all soon, but eventually - once we get around to it - after all, we got you committed to it - what are you going to do: walk away? Dont worry, apologies are free.”

With a bit of dark humor: :wink:
Life has become a Kickstarter.
The Present is Early-Access.
A Promisary Note to the idea of Happiness itself.

There I feel better. Isnt that what Posts are for? Dont pretend you read the whole thing! HAHAH

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I thought my meds were good :grinning:


Get used to it. AI has entered the scene and will change everything. Enjoy the ride.

We will amused, surprised, astonished, then overwhelmed. At some stage we will be scared, enthusiastic, utopian, dystopian. And finally we will be controlled, patronized - and replaced.

That was the good news. And the bad news?

The AI, and those promoting it, will behave like Pimax: announce everything is just around the corner, but then you wait and wait and wait… and it stumbles from one attempt to another, erratically hitting and missing the marks as it moves forward…

So I really fear for my kids, but I will have enough time to enjoy the rest of my life before it gets too serious… :laughing:


I agree. Dark humor makes me laugh because nothing could be more honest. Nihilism makes everything hilarious.