Horizontal screen offset; 5K+ unusable from one slight offset

Afternoon, everyone.

After receiving my Pimax 5K+ today, i noticed that something felt… off. It wasn’t eye strain - i know my IPD and my eyes weren’t hurting - but i was getting motion sick rather quickly, and my eyes didn’t quite feel right. I’m used to flying aggressively for hours in the Vive without getting any sickness whatsoever.

After some troubleshooting, I found the issue - my right (or left) screen is slightly horizontally offset. It’s very slight, but it means that while things close to me show more or less fine to my eyes, anything 5m or more away from me don’t. Things that are supposed to line up perfectly (like a velocity vector in an aircraft; something that’s dialed to infinity and should be equally center to both eyes, always in focus) don’t quite match up. There’s always a slight horizontal offset between the two screens - regardless of IPD.

In PiTool, we can currently set a “screen vertical offset value”. For issues like this one, i’d like to have the ability to set a “screen horizontal offset value” to fix it. Right now, my otherwise perfect 5K+ is rendered completely unusable, unfortunately.

If anyone knows of a way to do horizontal offset manually in a file or the like, please, please let me know.

My headset tracks fine, no dead pixels or issues otherwise, it’s perfect - but imperfect because of that slight horizontal offset. Having never once gotten anything close to motion sick in VR, i can’t stand more than 5 minutes in my 5K+.

Thank you.


Maybe @Doman.Chen can tweak the alignment for You remotely in a TeamViewer session?


That’d be awesome. Thanks for the suggestion!


Have you tried tge ipd offset?

I did, to no avail unfortunately. I also tried it within DCS itself (it has a software-level IPD slider), same story. Hardware and software IPD changes are off the table (to me) at this point.

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Okay for sure may need a tech member like Doman. If you can I reccommend file a support ticket as well.

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