Horizontal gray stripes

Hi guys!
I have a problem - horizontal gray stripes.

It started after installing Piplay and automatic upward flash FW to version At the same time, the device is found, tracking works, VR on the monitor screen is displayed, and on the glasses screen there are monochrome gray stripes, and if you change the position of the glasses in space, these stripes change saturation - they can become darker and vice versa. I changed the firmware of the glasses several times, but this does not help. Could this be a hardware error? What do you think?

You might need to reflash tge firmware manually might fix.

I have already tried all the known firmware manually. The result is negative.

Might need to file a ticket with support

This link may help.


Try new official method if haven’t tried it. Newest p4k & B1 firmware is 265

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Unfortunately these methods did not help either.

Sorry to hear pimax team should be back monday. @Doman.Chen should be able to help.

I hope for the best.

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You need to VR some other place than in orbit around Saturn.

(Yes, yes, I know: Not helping, lame joke, wasting people’s time, etc, etc, but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist. :P)

But it really does look like. :slight_smile:

If your in the US. na_support@pimaxvr.com or call at 407-567-7788. (Hours 9-5 EST M-F)

I recently contacted them and had an RMA sent and expect back tomorrow. Less then 2 weeks from call. No out of pocket expenses.

Unfortunately, I am very far from the United States.

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Friends, my headset is warming like this. This is normal?

May not be a bad thing. :woozy_face:

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