HMD is disconnected when I set audio as Pimax USB Device

Everything is fine except when I set my Audio as Pimax USB port, HMD connection is lost.

I’m using 103 version of Pitool , but I’ve tried previous version too. it is still same.

when I set my audio device to other platform then, connection is live again.

I’m not sure what is the problem. mainly i’m using my Pimax as simracing tool. so I notice it very recently.

Is there any solution, what I can do ?

I remain my problem in support channel it doesn’t give me solution for a week. so I’m remain my question in here. Please help.

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Sounds like a USB problem, have you tried different USB ports?
Maybe IRQ conflict?

Have you updated your USB drivers? BIOS up to date?
You using USB 2.0 or 3.x port?

Start troubleshooting with those.


Yeah, I think so too USB seems be have a problem.

I haven’t updated USB port yet, I’m using usb 3.0 which is not on motherboard.

I putted cable into PCI-E USB port card which I’d installed on motherboard.

I didn’t connect to Original USB port on motherboard because it’s continuously disconnecting when I use it with my Pimax HMD. other device works fine except with Pimax.

Mine is only working on pic-e card, strongly recommend you to update you usb drivers :slight_smile:
Also in device manager i have power management disabled for all usb devices.
No issue with sound soo far :crossed_fingers:t4:
Hope it helps.

Hi Lathander, same problem for me. I tried USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Hope support help me tomorrow. This is really strange problem that this affect the hmd !!! Bad Drivers or something like that…

It’s a USB controller issue, 100%. If you’re using a pcie usb controller, try installing the drivers for your specific controller. I had this issue with my inateck usb controller before installing the drivers (and also with my motherboard usb ports which were connected to an asmedia usb controller, which is why I bought the inateck controller in the first place).

If that doesn’t fix it, it could be an issue with your specific usb controller and you might need to go buy one that’s compatible. I would recommend this one, as it’s the one I’m using and it works great. It’s also quite cheap.

thank you for the reply, I will try as you said.