High ppi display solutions

It usually takes 5 years from a new tech to a consumer product. We are watching the new techs available in the market, especially those related to visual quality, for the VR headsets in the future.

For anyone interested in displays http://www.displayweek.org/ (5.22 - 5.24) I have summarized a few of the high ppi display solutions as below:

  1. Fraunhofer 1667ppi Fraunhofer Institute esitteli kaksisuuntaisen OLED-näytön 1667 PPI:n pikselitiheydellä - Muropaketti.com
  2. samsung 4k vr display https://www.digitaltrends.com/virtual-reality/samsung-4k-vr-display/
  3. Sunic system 1550ppi Sunic Systems managed to achieve 1,500 PPI Using plane source evaporation | OLED Info
  • INT Taiwan, China, 2228ppi AMOLED

  • JDI Japan 1001ppi LCD

  • Google 1443ppi OLED


Thanks for all the information provided but could you already inform us of what we are really waiting for?

a detailed video of the Pimax that will be sent to the testers.

design of the new lenses, weight, etc …

confirming that Oculus games work using revive.

the Pimax community would appreciate it, because we need it.


The Pimax 4k worked just fine with Revive and Vive, It worked seemlessly with Vive. It’s really not that big of a deal. It’ll be just fine.

@deletedpimaxrep1 @DKruohuo

i’m also part of the Pimax community, but i think we don’t need anything like that.

PimaxVR should just stick to their plan and what was stated here recently regarding the schedule. e.g.

  • hand over the M1s to the 10 selected backers in May 2018
    All we need is a feedback of those backers here in the forum, anything else would just be PR.


  • ship the first and final HMDs in the upcoming weeks in June 2018
    Any discussion about the new products is pointless when it is a done deal anyways, let’s rather wait and see what the real production versions look like… it should only be a few weeks from now…

Actually - I think this topic was raised about future possibilities. Let’s go back to topic.

I couldn’t care less about these high resolution displays when on the other side the transmission problem is not solved… what about signalling via cable or wireless technology?

If Pimax believes that these future technologies can be made possible in HMD’s at a fair price point and your reputation as a manufacturer holds you will see many returning customers. Potentially many new customers too as the ones who have become disenfranchised with the poor value for money that is offered by the competition.

Though I am sure your marketing team is very well informed as to the state of their respective consumer market :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to say though is please give your products a fair 3-4 years of technical support following release. I would be pretty unhappy as a customer if like Microsoft and older versions of windows that you simply withdraw support investment with each new release.

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But the Pimax 4K uses a single screen, not two at an angle. The creator of Revive said that would be problematic and we have not seen any functional gameplay from the lenses.

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thanks for covering this. Hopefully the 8k will be a big success and i can pick up a later pimax headset with these technologies in 3-4 years. in mean time will be happy with 8k

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Mazi this topic is about display technologies presented at the Display conference. & not the 8k/5k scheduling & details.


Jam-gino that will be revealed when ready in @deletedpimaxrep1 's update topic. This topic is about up coming display tech.

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Wasn’t that update topic supposed to be weekly? So today? Only 8 days in May left, so I was wondering if the ‘in may we’ll ship to the testers’ still is valid? Or will it be june now?

This topic is nice and all, but like said, I think the backers are more interested to hear what’s going on with the Pimax 8k, especially now we’re so close to the end of may. Thanks.



Playstation 5 is coming in three Years
So There is not PSVR 2 at the Horizon.
More, PSVR is not selling well told Sony

Are now Pimax backers more relaxed ?

When i said nvidia 1180 is 12nm (As volta is 14 nm) … No no on Pimax Forums
but I was ok because Nvidia 1180 is turing not Volta

From a technical point Pimax 8k wins

My bet with Pimax is quality

Good quality, Pimax 8K is a success.
Bad quality, Pimax 8K is a disaster

So if they will tell to us M1 is shipping to beta testers, now working on M2.
At october will begin shipping to backers (also full package) and roadshow,
I am glad.

You could have checked, with the first part of my answer i replied to Jam-gino.

Only the second part was on topic.
So - what do you say about what i had to say on topic?

@Cdaked posted a possible idea on that using foveate rendering in another topic. Which is based i believe on google/lg displays at the conference…

The base point is we all need to start using these forums properly instead of a ffa to post whatever wherever. My post to you & Jam was about the off topic; i did read all your post.

Too much off topic talk for my taste, i put it back on topic right away, there never was no need to go the xtra xtra mile.

however ON TOPIC again again

All the new hi res display tech is pretty useless for some time to come. We already have 8k and 8kX around the corner.
But the problem for PimaxVR is not about resolution. The problems that came up were

  1. the cabling standards and tech today already requires double cabling for the 8kX, but honestly a thick doubled tethered device is not really going to work for most use cases in VR
  2. the wireless standards have still a hard time to make it prime time for low res even, 60GHz WLAN is also not sufficient by far for anything 4k or more
  3. the problem of the 8k is in the signal interface and scaler, scaling to even higher resolutions will rather be more problematic in terms of achievable refresh rates

All the new shiny display tech is only half of the solution without similar advances in cabling and HMD side scaling. Wireless will be limited to std resolution and HMD side scaling. The momentum is on PimaxVR, at least they added scaling for the 8k and learned some lessons there.

The forum needs more sub-catergories because even this topic is better suited somewhere like, Potential Future VR Display Technology.

It’s also a given that tough questions don’t just go away.

Deflection causes reflection…

国内还有多久发货,我这英文不太好, 很多地方看不懂,xunshu,看到麻烦回我一下:joy:

Its why folks can create a new topic with a link to reference to the original topic.

Well, I still think a shift to an OLED panel (for any future models) would be interesting. Not only because of better colours but honestly, I’m a bit worried about blue light. OLED panels emit way less blue light than LCD, so that feels a lot safer.

Then again, I agree that the panel itself probably isn’t priority number one right now.

This conversation may interest you.

This article goes into more depth & suggests oled/amoled might not be better either to potenially worst. (But no shocker of conflicting studies but pretty compelling)

Blue Light: What are the risks to our eyes? | Points de Vue | International Review of Ophthalmic Optics.

Interesting though is qled prospects are likely to supercede oled once development improves.

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PIMAX @deletedpimaxrep1 starts to go off-topic as always. We need the damn headsets shipped already, too much delays. We know about displayweek and stuff, we DO NOT need this kind of update from you @deletedpimaxrep1. We need to know what is going on with the M1 headsets. DO SOMETHING!