Help with pairing trackers and wands

Hey guys,

Just got my 5k+ today - very exciting! I have 3 trackers and 2 wands, and am seeking advice for pairing them. When I connect my wands I can connect an additional tracker but I can’t connect my 2 other Vive trackers. Do I need to buy more steam controller dongles? I have my link box connected too but I keep being prompted to turn off other controllers in order to pair my other trackers. Your advice would be much appreciated.


It’s a known issue caused by a recent SteamVR update breaking their “hack” and they’re working on it:

Same issue here. Needs a quick fix soon. It’s been over a month since this issue started and Pimax hasn’t fixed it yet.

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controller (or trackers) are bluetooth connected to a receiver.
the pimax has 2 receivers so that is the maximum you can have with helmet only.
usually addtional trackers come with their own BT receiver (usb dongle).
you can more trackers directly from steam, but you still rely on available hardware.
For example if you get a kinect, you can add virtual trackers for feet and hands.