Help Pimax not connected error

Just got my pimax 5k+ I’m stoked.

Plugged it in correctly USB and DP powered the headset. Headset shows chevron lit up power button red.

Pitool says its not connected?

It is all connected correctly. I tried different USB and DP ports and rebooted the computer multiple times.

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Fixed plug loose on headset. Come on guys test your headsets. Now trying to get it tracked by the lighthouses.

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Hard to help when it probably happened in the delivery.

Maybe also I fixed the lighthouses with this thread tips.

Please try delete the folder (C:\Users\Administrators\AppData\Local\Pimax\runtime\config\lighthouse),and then restart the PiLauncherService in Service interface of Task Manager.

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Initial impressions. About what I expected and a little nicer. Black are a bit grey but not a deal breaker. Performance resolution and screen door a huge improvement over the Vive OG.


The plug does not get loose during the delivery. Just my thoughts.


Yes the amount of force needed for me to insert the plug correctly would not have been able to unplug itself during shipping.

This loose of plug should get a headup. Quite some people including me has experienced. Once it’s inserted, it never happens again, so it looks like an assembling matter.

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I just got my 8k Pimax and had the same Red Power button problem. I uninstalled all Pimax programs, deleted all the Pimax folders in the AppData\Local directory and reinstalled the latest version of PiTool. Rebooted PC and got the green light. All good now :slight_smile:

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