Help, Cannot get supersampling to work with movies

Ok super sampling gurus please help me out. I just bought a 1080 Ti video card, also upgraded my power supply as well so Im into this mod for about 850.00. Im running the I5 4590 CPU, 8g ram and Zotac 1080 ti Amp Extreme GPU. The Steam VR performance test shows Im pegged out to the max in the green. Anyhow all this so I could better super sample my videos and movies. My HMD’s are the (pimax 4k and DeePoon E3). Ok, the SupSamp is working as I can actually see a great improvement on the Whirligig menu screen only, the menu and text looks soooo much better when supersampling at 2.0 or 2.5 but when I hit Play for the movie/video, I get absolutely no improvement on the actual video/movie content quality, this was after extensive A B comparisons. Im wondering if there is an adjustment SOMEWHERE that Im missing?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Enopho has a 1080 ti & @Sjef has done video tests with i think a 1080. You may need a different player than the one your using.

Ill try Simply Player next. Phil, the developer of Whirligig sent me an email regarding another issue so ill pick his brain about this one too. Thanks for the reply