Hellblade Fatal Error

If I start Hellblade with Parallel Projections off with large FOV and Steam SS at 100% the game starts without any problem but I get a double image but after switching Parallel Projections on with the same FOV and SS I get a Low Level Fatal Error and with other FOV and lower SS I just get a Fatal Error.

Anybody else had this problem and knows the solution?

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So first off, just beware that settings can vary depending on hardware.

I got it to work by switching out of SteamVR Beta, BUT when I updated steam and switched back into beta everything was working.

Try changing the pitools rendering quality, don’t use the large field of view, and be sure as you try changing in and out of the hidden area mask and parallel projections features that you try shutting down pitools, rebooting/power cycling the hmd and completely restarting steam, not just cycling steam vr.

Hellblade and Alien Isolation seem more sensitive to how things load up. Other games seem to be more forgiving with how things power up and how settings change. Someone had remarked how Hellblade is sensitive to turned up render settings and that is 100% something you should watch.

That said, once I had everything set up, it seems to start up and run just fine. Looks spectacular IMO. Good luck.


Thanks for the reply but suddenly the game started without an error and now I am playing on Normal with 100% SS and 100% resolution in game. I have no idea what is going on.


I remember @SweViver said something about Hellblade having issues with the large fov in one of his benchmarking videos.

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It’s definitely one of the more temperamental titles I have tried so far. But when it works… :slight_smile:

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Yeah- you get a big CTD with a message on large FOV. I don’t know if I am maybe less picky about framerates, but I am finding large FOV doesn’t really incur a huge penalty, but looks amazing. In Elite Dangerous it really bumps the game up a notch IMO. If only we could get a fix or improvement for these blacks, tho…

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