Heavily Frustrated

Bought headset, have gtx 1080, blank copy of windows pro 10 (by blank, I mean It’s virgin, I have 5 games installed),

Can’t run this for the life of me, piplay won’t even detect the damn headset, steamVR won’t detect either.

trouble shooting is in Chinese, contact us doesn’t allow a contact field long enough for me to enter my email.

Do I need to return this headset or is there some sort of remedy? As of now, I am really unimpressed, I have wasted most of my day off trying to get this to work. Unhappy.

Try this version, its much better for 1080gtx.
If headset will not recognize, stop and start (restart) piservicelauncher (service) Screenshot by Lightshot
Update your steamvr to beta.
Launch steamvr, in steamvr settings set:

  1. supersampling to 1.5 (restart steamvr, requires in order to apply supersampling)
  2. asynchronios reprojection on
  3. interleaved reprojection off
  4. always on reprojection on
  5. enjoy

p.s. keep in mind, this version is NOT compatible with oculus home, do not install oculus home. Works best with games that support steamvr

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Also ensure the following

Antivirus can interfer with install. Easiest to disable to ensure installs properly.

If concerned about virus; unplug your internet till install complete.

Also run installer as admin.

Once piplay java etc installed. Run piplay as admin.

As industria said the version he provided the link for has currently best quality picture. Though it can be a bit of dance to get headset connected (however the newer firmware may have corrected this).

If we’re unable to help you get it working the Pimax team also has skype support with teamviewer. Just keep in mind due to location best to find out what time works best.

Several users have used this service & this is where this team shines. @lukeb can testify they have at times spent a few hours with him to get thungs working. Just be patient between the community & the pimax team i am confident you will be embarking on your vr journey.

Great advice above - Follow the guidance. You need to take your time to set it up, but once you do get it working, it is very good. I use GTX 1070 and get very clear display and FPS.

Hi, please add our skype: support@pimaxvr.com to communicate, or let us fix it through “teamviewer” when you’re available.

Also appreciate @industria @Heliosurge