Headset suddenly dead? Pimax 5k+ ( solved )

I have this headset since Feb. as an backer, had no problems so far, till this morning.
Last saturday was the last time I used this headset with no problems, shut down windows and cutt off all the standby power. This morning I turned on the standby power, and no blue light from the Headset, nothing even after windows has started.
I measured the voltage from the adapter and it still reads around 12v.

Is there something I can try to get some life into the HMD?

I already created a support ticket, but maybe there are some people here with some clever solutions :sunglasses:

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Just some ideas, not that i know any case which resemble yours.

  • Can you check if the displays are ‘real’ off? You will see the difference if black isn’t black but gray, as usual on LCDs.
  • Does the LED on the top of the Headset show any color/signal?
  • If you volumne up / down on the Pimax, does this resemble on the volume control in windows?
  • If you are using Steam, does the Headset is being recognized in SteamVR in good conditions?
  • What does PiTool says if you open it?
  • Do you hear any Audio on the headset?
  • If you use SteamVR and open its settings, do you see the framerate graph moving? or does it stand still?
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Thanks for your response, but the HMD doesn’t give a sing of life. Not even a quick LED flash.

In the morning I had a really quick response from pimax, and we had a little chat. We suggested another wall adapter, which didn’t solve my problem. I will wait till they are awake in China to see what’s gonna be the next step.


Led doesn’t even show red?

After some conversation with support, the only way to fix it was a replacement headset which arrived yesterday.

I must say that the support from Pimax was good in this proces.
Keep in mind the small language barrier ( from both sides ) and some delay in replies due to the timezone difference between Europe and China.

Thanks to the Pimax team who helped me! I’m back on track!


Awesome to hear! Often things can be bumpy. But glad your back to enjoying a pimax headset. Okay to close topic?