Headset screen multi colours, reboot won't fix

Hi. Has anyone else’s Pimax 5K/8K screen gone a funny yellow gold colour with reddish pink stripes? E.g. I can’t see anything. Looks like a crashed GPU screen using a monitor.

PC hasn’t crashed and works fine, just corrupted image on headset.

Rebooted PC many times. NB: This used to fix it when headset light was red, but now the headset light is green. Is this a common issue?

CPU: Core i7 7900x
Ram: 16 GB
GPU: AMD Vega 64
Headset: Pimax 8K
OS: Win 10 Pro
Pi Tool Version:
Headset Firmware: V2.1.255.181

Would upload images but can’t work out how to add attachments.

Thanks for any ideas.

Nope not common, open a support ticket. Tyriel Woods 5k+ did something similar before it went totally black (see youtube).

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Maybe try disconnecting & wait 15m. With fully disconnected from pc & wall try to power on. Then reconnect & see if issue still present. If so proceed with support ticket.

Thank you both for your help. As ever I’d be lost without your advice. Thank you.

I realised you can upload phone images if taken live when posting. Here is what It looks like.

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That is indeed odd looking. :disappointed:

Hi. Here’s a closer view. Yes it’s a bit psychedelic in nature. Ill turn it all off unplug the DP plug etc. Thanks again.

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I will contact with my Tech support colleague for fix this headset issue for you.

Please follow these steps:

click the “Support” button on the banner for submit your issue
2.Give me your question number for teach support to contact with you via service desk
3.The issue will be solved soon


Here’s another, 2nd, screen fault to share in case others have experienced it. I emailed support.

Thought I’d share as it’s a weird problem as:
One headset lens is cloudy grey no colours Vs other lens totally normal.

Checked the FPS in Steam VR Home and we’re down to 45fps. Sometimes it works OK though, other times it does this or goes completely gold orange with purple stripes.

Here is one eye all cloudy…

Yet the other eye (lens) is fine.

Steam VR Home FPS seems a bit low when it does this. Note this image is on the TV, not taken from headset.

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Steam VR Home - one eye cloudy grey. (Through lens view).

But the other eye is normal.! (Through lens view)

Screen mirroring, all normal on TV. So this error limited to headset screen not the ‘monitor,’. Same goes for the multi colour stripe error in my original post in this thread.

My first guess is your gpu (driver), few have I believe an AMD graphics card.


I also have this yellow gold colour with reddish pink stripes issue and I am using a Vega 64 GPU.

I just received my Pimax 8k two days ago.

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Think I’ve figured out the issue:

When using 2 displays on Windows, and I attempt to turn on the Pimax headset, I get these weird colours.

If I turn off one of my displays, reboot my PC, connect the headset and turn it on, the headset works fine. I’ve been able to repeat this.

I think that there is some issue using more than one display and the Pimax headset together.
So I think it is something to do with Pimax’s headset drivers, or possibly AMDs GPU drivers.

EDIT: Sadly, this didn’t fix the problem. It’s happening again…

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