Headset not detect

Hi, please to fix my problem.

OS: Windows 10 Pro. 64bit
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1070
Driver version: 381.89
Piplay version: international version 1.2.57 (1.2.63)
Firmware version:
Java version: 8 Update 131

During installation Piplay firewall and antivirus disabled.

At switching on headset led a green color lights up. SteamVR does not find headset (the message appears “not ready” and headset does not detect), at this moment led in headset lights up with green color. Piplay does not detect headset also, led a green color.

PC reboot is not resolving the issue.
Headset reboot is not resolving the issue.
HDMI and USB cable plug off-in to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port is not resolving the issue.
Pimax firmware update P1_1.0.0.251.dfu and P1_1.0.0.248.dfu is not resolving the issue.

For your issue, i think you can try this operations.First ,you can update the computer’s graphics driver and make sure all drivers are installed.If it is also not resolving the issue.You need to detect the next helmet line is not a problem. You can connect to other computers to see if the helmet is going to turn blue light.


Thanks for your advice, everything works.

You are welcome and very happy for helping you