Headset Model Info needed

Hi folks,

I am working on creating a table specifically for pimax hmds.

I am looking for the following info:

  1. 5kXR:
  • 4 digit serial
  • model number eg 5k+ = 5000P
  1. 8k+:
  • 12v Afapter version 4 digit Serial
  • Usb powered version 4 digit serial
  1. Artisan:
  • 12v Adapter versiom 4 digit serial
  • Usb powered version 4 digit serial
  • model ie 5k+ = 5000P

Next post will show my WiP table so far. I will likely add ppd info. This idea is based on CrispyCheezus buyer guide on reddit.

Vision P2 Models

Vision Series headsets feature:

  • Improved Blue Housing (Except Early Artisan)
  • USB Powered (Except Early 8k+ & Artisan)
  8kX v2 (DMAS) 8kX (KDMAS) 8K+ 8k+ (Old) 5kSuper Artisan Artisan (Old)
Serial 2076 2075 *2074 *2073 217x / 2166 2066 xxxx xxxx 2036 2046
Model # 8000X 8000X 8000P 8000P 5000S xxxxx xxxxx
Status Current Current *Discontinued Current Discontinued Current Current Discontinued
Total Resolution 7680×2160 7680×2160 7680×2160 7680×2260 5120×1440 3400×1400 3400×1400
Display Type clpl LCD(RGB)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2 clpl LCF(RGB)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2
Input Res/Eye 3840x2160(Native) 2560×1440(Upscale) 3840×2160(Native) 2560×1440(U) 2560×1440(Upscale) 2560×1440(Upscale) 2560×1440(Native) 1700×1400(Native) 1700×1400(Native)
Max FoV (H×V) 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V 131.56°H×102.70°V 131.56°H×102.70°V
Refresh Rate Native 60hz/75hz/90hz/120hz(1) Upscale 120hz Native 60hz/75hz/90hz(2) Upscale 114hz Native 72hz/90hz/110hz 72hz/90hz/110hz FFoV 90hz/120hz RFoV 144hz/160hz/180hz 72hz/90hz/120hz 72hz/90hz/120hz
Nvidia GPU Support Desktop RTX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AMD GPU Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Laptop GPU Support No Partial Partial Partial Partial Partial Partial
Power Supply USB USB USB 12v2a Adapter USB USB 12v2a Adapter
USB Standard 3.x 3.x 3.x 2.0 3.x 3.x 2.0
USB-C Inputs 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Audio Inputs 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
DMAS Support Yes No Yes ? Yes Yes No
KDMAS Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMAS Support Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No
Optical Cable Support Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Notes: Shares serial of some 5k+ models.

P2 Models

  • Released with Black Housing.
  • Refurbished models may have improved Blue Vision Housings.
  8k 5k+(Old) 5k+ 5kXR
Serial 200x 202x 203x & 204x 201x
Model # 8000 5000P 5000P 5000X
Status Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued
Total Resolution 7680×2160 5120×1440 5120×1440 5120×1440
Display Type clpl LCD(Pentile)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2 clpl LCD(RGB)×2 OLED(Pentile)×2
Input Res/Eye 2560×1440(Upscale) 2560×1440(Native) 2560×1440(Native) 2560×1440(Native)
Max FoV (H×V) 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V 160.29°H×102.70°V
Refresh Rate 60hz/75hz/80hz 60hz/75hz/90hz/110hz FFoV 90hz/120hz RFoV 144hz 64hz/72hz/82hz
Nvidia GPU Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
AMD GPU Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Laptop GPU Support Partial Partial Partial Partial
Power Supply 12v2a Adapter 12v2a Adapter 12v2a Adapter 12v2a Adapter
USB Standard 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
USB-C Inputs 2 2 2 2
Audio Inputs 1 1 1 1
DMAS Support No No No No
KDMAS Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMAS Support No No No No
Optical Cable Support No No No No

Mine is a 2075 8KX, and it does support DMAS and does not whine. Based on what I’ve seen on the forums, I think that all 2075s do support DMAS. It seems to just be the early production 8KX’s (2073?) that universally have the whining problem.

Figuring out where the cut off is may be made more difficult because there seem to also be some units that have problems because they’re defective, especially in cases where DMAS was initially working fine and then started whining or making other noises later on. Whereas the whining issue on early 8KX units seems like a design problem with consistent and constant symptoms that was quietly corrected in a later hardware revision.


Agreed mine is also 2075(most of the reported whine isdues is 2075); however to err on the side of caution best to stick with the advertised spec. That way no one purchases with the expectation of it being for sure compatible.

The question is, is the audio defect also affect other Vision models? As they share the main base platform. Though it might be related to the additional components in the 8kX. Much like how some units have watchman radio issues on one receiver. So maybe assembly differences.

Have to cross check with something like Index.
It appears diagonal FoV calculation used is diagonal of a rectangle.

Using this the DFoV is 190.37 iirc. If you boost the horizontal to 170 it is 198. 87

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Okay when I add PPD. I will be using a formula of:

Horizontal Res(panel)×Subpixels= Subpixels Pet Degree +3= Clarity PPD

Based on PPD calculation describe in Rd2VR

Reason for SubPPD÷3 is to be able to better compare. As a pentile panel and an RGB panel can both have the same Resolution and such would have the same Pixels per degree.

Ie 8k vs 8k+ below is using SubPPD+3
8k (Pentile) Input 10.6 Physical 15.9
8k+(RGB) Input 15.9 Physical 23.9

I think listing it as “no” is misleading and wrong because a large percentage of the units in the wild actually support DMAS. Rather I would recommend something like “Varies*” with an asterisk. And then provide a short explanation for the asterisk below the table. It’s a more complex issue than just “yes” or “no” for the whole category.

No, mine is 2075 8kx too, but with whine.

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As mentioned those whom have older 8kX models 2075 and older. That have the DMAS that it works on know for sure.

But as pimax is advertising the older model as not compatible is the better info to publish then advertise a lottery giving folks the idea there is a “high” probability of DMAS working.

People would be irritated to taking a chance and having a $99 audio module to return. I may make a notation stating “some” older 8kXs may work with the DMAS.

This is a good example. :point_up_2:

And as for “Large % in Wild” we do not have this data to say it is true or not.

Pimax may face similar issues with the 120hz native update as it said recently produced 2076 units have achieved 120hz. Which may end up like the 5k+ that the first model only supports max 110hz. There could be factors internal and external that may limit 120hz support on 2076 units.

Where is Pimax advertising this? Link? I am unable to find this.

I do see this…

But according to that, my 2075 8KX is compatible and supported. And it does really work.

It tells you the 8kX bundled with Kdmas is not compatible with DMAS.

And yes you could actually still also use the modified mas with a single output with DMAS module as that was tested using the Y cable to connect to only the left output when the whine was discovered as a possible solution.

Since pimax has not determined a root cause for the whine they decided to state the new revised model is the dmas compatible. I personally think they should determine the root cause and simply fix the cause maintaining both versions compatible instead of this direction. Which should only be an intern solution until it is fixed.


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That’s not what that says. My own 8KX 2075 came bundled with KDMAS (1.0) and according this, it is supported, and it does in fact work.

So it’s not correct to say that Pimax advertises 2075 or even “8KX bundled with KDMAS” as not being compatible with DMAS. There are variations within that group and some are advertised as supported and some are not.

And it looks like the difference they’re showing is actually in the design of the head strap. Whereas what they’ve pictured as the “KDMAS 2.0” routes from the single left side connector to both speakers through the headstrap to avoid needing the external Y splitter cable. This makes it incompatible with the DMAS for the simple reason that the speakers can’t be hooked up to the individual 4 ohm jacks.

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I am going to go with what pimax had said. Kmas 8kX is not advertised as compatible with Dmas.

The headset with the spring wire version does not support DMAS earphones

Note it says Headset not MAS.

To which as said the DMAS can be hooked to the left output only via Y-Cable. Which would mean can also say the DMAS module can indeed be used on the Kdmas v2.0 MAS.

Further breakdown could say 8kX Audio Support Lottery on pre 2076 8kX.

I think you’re really not understanding. I’ll try one last time.

There are two kinds of 8KX bundled with KDMAS. The KDMAS 2.0 which can be identified by the presence of the “spring wire” in the head strap is not compatible with DMAS. The KDMAS 1.0 which does not have the spring wire is compatible with DMAS. There are 8KX 2075 bundles with the KDMAS 1.0 which have been sold which are officially compatible with DMAS according to Pimax. I own one. I can verify that this exists and does in fact work.

So if you are going with “KDMAS 8KX is not advertised as compatible with DMAS”, that is factually incorrect.

It could be physically connected that way, but it doesn’t work electrically. The left side stereo output only supports 8 ohm operation while the DMAS requires 4 ohm. This is why it’s not a supported configuration by Pimax.

2 pimax reps have reviewed the table. I know your not understanding that support says the Kdmas 8kX version is not compatible with DMAS. Folks have even asked via support chat. Why do you think they created a downgraded MAS strap? To work as a stop gap so ppl don’t order the dmas module.

@Razorub was one of the testers whom identified the 1.2k buzz defect prior to DMAS release; one thing tried(instructed by pimax) was using the Y cable to connect both dmas speakers to the left port and while it worked it did not fix the Audio issue.

This is why the older 8kX model 2075 is not sold with the DMAS and yes the headset still has 2 audio out ports. And why they made a modified MAS that is said to be not compatible with the other 2 audio modules. Therr was no reason to create the MAS with a single audio jack ad the older models that only had a single jack are no longer produced.

@guppyexpress even tested Kdmas (MAS v1.0) connecting left to left jack and right to right jack.

The Amp is auto adjusting ohms for headphones and for SMAS/DMAS audio modules.

What do i get if i buy a “SMAS” at amazon? Probably a 2076xx or are the SMAS-Verions “old” 2075xx ???

If it is an 8kX with SMAS it can be one of the serials 2073, 2074 or 2075

The SMAS is an audio strap above ears. The SMAS module can be swapped out. If you have a link to the Amazon ad can take a look.

Thanks @Heliosurge for the response… i just canceld my order of the SMAS at amazon and ordered the DMAS directly at pimax… Thank you.

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