Headset doesn't recognize HDMI

Hi, I installed PiPlay, but now the headset doesn’t recognize HDM1. What can I do?



During installation directx & java & klite should install as well.

Can you provide the following

Wundows ver
Gpu/driver ver
Piplay ver
First 3 serial numbers of headset

Make sure your using a native hdmi port & if youvhave integrated graphics (ie intel) that its disabled in bios & possibly the windows device manager.

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Now the PlayVr doesn’t work. I can hear the voice, but not video (I want to see 360 video)

Plz post your config ad requested above.

If you have an amd gpu you may need to update driver or uninstall & install previous driver.

I had blank screen with audio due to a broken amd driver.

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Sorry for the late reply. How is it going now? If it still does not work, please provide more details about your PC/laptop configuration. In addition , you may try to upgrade your Graphics card manually. Have a nice day!:slight_smile: