Headset delivered to freight forwarder but has not arrived with customer

Dear Pimax community,

I have confirmed my shipping address multiple times, on two surveys sent out to backers by Pimax, and via PM with @anon74848233, one of Pimax’s head honchos, on this very forum, on Feb 13. See screenshot below.

On Apr 17 I received a celebratory Pimax Kickstarter update: “We have reached a new milestone: ALL confirmed Kickstarter HMD rewards have been shipped!”

Surprised, I went back to the google sheets spreadsheet that @TrevorVR was kind enough to link to here. My backer number still appears under “To be confirmed”! After all this time! After having direct confirmation from Mr. Hao that my shipping info has been received!

Again, I contacted @anon74848233 via PM, on this very forum, politely asking what’s going on. This was OVER A WEEK AGO. NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER.

I am at the end of my rope here. Had I known communication would be this bad with Pimax, I would never have pledged for the Pimax and all the extras. I regret spending nearly $1,000 on what would be old generation technology by the time I receive it, that is if I ever receive it.

Yes, I do realize that perhaps Pimax are not too experienced dealing with the western markets, and one cannot and mustn’t expect western quality service, but for pete’s sake, at the very least provide some form of response to your backers. This is basic communication, not rocket science.

We deserve better than this.

If anyone has any ideas or insights on how to get some, any, response from Pimax, I’d be grateful.


@anon74848233 @mozi @Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang

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Your in the stats call Pimax USA.

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@Skidrow Did not realize they even have a US phone number. I don’t reside in the US but it’s worth a shot anyway. Thank you!


it is possible your headset might be shipped as far as I know no spreadsheets have been updated for quite sometime.

But do appreciate your frustrating position. Added pokes hopefully you get a positive response & action.