Headset couldnt be delivered. What now?

My Headset couldnt be delivered because the DPD Pickup Shop (which I chose on their Website) doesnt accept parcels anymore. The Headset is now being returned to the Warehouse. Also in the spreadsheet it says it is a 5k+ but I backed an 8k.

What can I do now? I already made a ticket almost 2 weeks ago but nobody answers.


Sorry for you,mate, that sucks big time. I hope you can be helped fast!

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If not already done, register on support (which at the moment doesn’t seem to work properly for everyone) and get a supprot ticket (so called SUPEN).


I already made a Support Ticket, but I didnt get an answer since 2 weeks :frowning:


Oh thats sick, @PimaxVR send this man his headset ASAP! :weary:

Yes @anon74848233 I see you lurking in there :face_with_monocle:
Take care of this issue please, these kind of happenings can make a man do desperate things.


The ticketing system seems to have shit the bed, emailing support is the way to the promised land.
Other people have also reported waiting for long time for answers.


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how you did that support ticket? i cant reach the site for weeks now

I opened the Ticket 2 weeks ago with the Link in the top. Now I can reach the Ticket through an e-mail I got.

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Might have been due to too many Compost deliveries.

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Should it not end up at DPD for 2weeks or so Before they return it so you can talk with them?

I already called them 3 times but they didnt manage to get it right. Its super frustrating, but it probably was the wrong Headset anyways.

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