Headset Box Status

I have several friends who have received their Pimax headsets and all arrive with this sorry state in their boxes.

It seems that it is more due to the assembly than to the transport of the headset, I do not think it is normal that a product of hundreds of dollars arrives with if box in these conditions.

@PimaxVR bear in mind that the vast majority of its users are enthusiasts and collectors, please bear this in mind and send the boxes in perfect condition.

@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu


I doubt this comes off the assembly line this way. Must be shipping and so a thin extra foil around the box before it goes into the big sturdy box would be great


I meant that I don’t think it belongs to the carrier as the individual boxes are packed in larger boxes and leave Pimax for the carrier.

There are two things that have surprised me, one as you well say is a thin plastic to protect the box and another that new smell that have the vast majority of products when you open them and that the pimax headset box doesn’t have

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