Headphone noise

So i was about to buy the vive DAS and thought I’d try some normal headphones first by unplugging the SMAS and using the jacks on the left and right. When i do this there is a constant hiss/noise, i’ve tried multiple sets of headphones and they all do the same thing so it’s definately the X. ANyone found a fix for this?

Unplug your entire headet, connect the headphones, plug it all in again.

(it may be that only the power USB cable is required to be unplugged, not sure.)


It just needs a power cycle (unplug USB plugs)… :wink:


Cheers guys, that did it


I have the same problem with 8KX and the new KDMAS with soft pads installed. It is just too loud: I have proper sound already at 22/100. The gain is too big and so I hear constant white noise and also high pitched hiss, which is very annoying.
Restarted and unplugged everything several times, nothing helps :confused:

KDMAS was not supposed to be used with 8k-X, it was a workaround for non-Vision headsets with weaker amp. You are supposed to be using DMAS with 8k-X.

Well, I’m a KS backer and KDMAS is what I got in my Stretch Goals box. Would be fun, if I’m not supposed to use it :slight_smile:

You should try it with the y-cable.

I believe the noise comes from impedance mismatch.

The 8KX was designed to be used with the SMAS or DMAS which I guess are both using high impedance units.

To use it with a low impedance set of headphones only connect them with one cable in the left socket and for the KDMAS that means You have to use the y-cable.

When connected You need to restart the headset (unplug and reconnect both USB cables) for it to switch to low gain, I think… :wink:

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Of course, I’ve also tried Y-splitter - it was even worse noise wise. There was some additional loud interference from the HMD.

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Hi, did you unplug and plug in usb while connect the y splitter?


Unplugged everything several times and restarted computer several times as well.

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I had the same issue with a pair of earbuds connected to the left socket and I had to power cycle the headset for the noise to go away.

They sounded horrible before that.

Anyway, sounds like You’re facing a different issue then… :thinking::woozy_face:

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