Headphone Jack connector

Has anyone tried to open the headset to try get access to the headphone connector and try to fix it ?

i’ll explain why.
Been away from Vr for a while and left the 5k+in the box, was working fine a part for broken jack and some cracks.

2 months ago i decided to get back to it, installed 253 and noticed flashing pixel and black screens.
Did a reinstall and seemed fine for about a week.
Then if not wrong came out 255, and had much less flashing pixel but still some and no more black screens.
Tried all latest version and firmware but getting way more of them.

i know the problem comes from the cable, i happen to have a spare one so decide to try it,
all good, no more flashing dots or black screens (by the way, i get more of them with 260).

As i mentioned before, my headphone connector on headset is not working (worked for 2 weeks then dead ).
i am using the top usb port on the headset with a active headphone adapter to get the sound and it worked very well until now.

When i plug the spare cable, no more flashing dots, but i get a very loud noise from the headphones (that are plugged on headset/usb-c).
I think its called white noise, like a crushing noise.

it happens only with spare cable (never used before ) and only when some kind of sound is played or someone talks, anything.
Did try with bottom usb but same result.

This is why i would like to try and open the headset to see if can fix the jack and try ‘new old’ cable again


(for info, out of warranty for a replacement headset but getting a new cable myself in 2 weeks, hopefully it will work)