"HDR", "High Dynamic Range": Can the Pimax do this (now)? Possible (firmware / software update)? Impossible (technically)?


I’m surprised, I found no posts, etc. on HDR.
Is this possible for the Pimax VR-glasses?
HDR is standard on TVs today (a few years ago). HDR is standard on TVs today (a few years ago).

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I dont think the LCD panels Pimax uses are up to provide HDR


@TrevorVR might be correct on this. Plus I think (could be wrong) this standard is more on TV displays. I recall w10 even at present has to use HDR.

If the displays meet with standard to have hdr then it might be possible to update it later.

Yeah I havent seen a PC game with a HDR support that actually works as it should.

Even turning the HDR on in windows settings results a green screen (I have a HDR capable TV, tested, no luck so far, RE7 almost worked with the HDR enabled)

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I don’t believe the LCD panel has the proper processing chip inside to process and display an HDR signal. There is also a certain lumens requirement around HDR. So it’s probably a big no. The only thing Pimax can do is tonemap a 10 bit color back to 8 bit. Which is basically the same as a SDR 8 bit signal.

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My philips Led lcd 4k TV has hdr capability. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

But true the bridgechip likely needs to support hdr as well.

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Is HDR really standard on tvs? :confused: Anyway, I’d imagine it’s harder for vr headsets to have HDR because you’d typically want the screens to have low lag, high res, and high refresh rate. You’d get these things at the cost of maybe not perfect colors (I guess?). I mean, HDR monitors with high res and high refresh rate do exist but they are expensive.

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There are many LCD TVs that have HDR.
And there is also a OLED version, the “5K BE”.
There als also backers, there are changed to this 5K BE.


Perhaps your PC monitor is not able to show HDR (greenish image).
Try it with a HDR TV.


LCDs does not have “processing chips” inside.
That’s the job of the controller board.

@ shinytop

You can not buy a new UHD TV without HDR, or?

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Iirc the actual term “HDR” is really loose. There’s a new standard going around recently though.


Indeed there are some TVs that barely meet the standard. But enough to be called HDR.

@Tobias_Claren Windows 10 doesn’t currently properly support hdr & is using a workaround patch of sorts.

There are uhd TVs without hdr.

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It need 10bit panel & more peak bright(more led backlight unit) & newer scalerchip.

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What’s impossible? 20 characters

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Not impossible as a panel can meet min spec & be hdr compliant. Now hdr2 on the otherhand has i believe a tigher spec.

Yes, as I said I’ve tried the PC HDR on my TV which is a HDR capable TV. Fiddling with the settings I was able to get it working somehow, but none of the games I tried was working properly.
I get a beautiful HDR colors in Netflix and PS4pro though. (when available)

The HDR option is most likely greyed out in games/win settings if your display isn’t capable.

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Do you really want to go blind with HDR maximum brightness when the screen is so close to your eyes ? I think HDR in HMD might be impractical.


I thought the max brightness would be adjustable.

I also thought it was the other things that causes blindness, like watching TV too closely, masturb…

Lol and if those two were true, we Futurists would be blind for good :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Pimel had his eyes operated already, hmmm :thinking::grin:


The whole point of HDR is to have really high peak brightness while having better dark scene. the current HDR10 standard is asking for 400 lumens peak brigthness. That could literally damage your eyes at a very short eye distance.

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HDR has other benefits as well, like a better color palette.

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Keep in mind the Razer phone is hdr compliant. 400 lumens is still considerably less than the 600 to 800 lumen lightbulb. Polarized tint & or blue light reduction reduces potential damage to one’s eyes.

OLED requires less peak brightness to achieve the same result so I guess it could technically be possible.