Having concerns regarding the usage of the Pimax with glasses

I recently had the opportunity to test the Samsung Odyssey. Biggest problem I had was using it with my glasses, as the lenses were very close to the eyes even without wearing my glasses. Using the glasses they were pressed too much towards my face to be able to use the Odyssey. This problem leads me to the Pimax.
I think the Pimax has also a very short distance to the lenses to provide the promised wide field of view. I´m now asking myself how the lens adapters (included in the Kickstarter campaign) for corrective lenses will work with the Pimax? I´m also wondering, because the lenses of the Pimax seem to be extra large, how such an adapter should look like? Any news on that?
The Vive Pro seems to have a good solution to that problem. You can mechanically increase the distance to the lenses. Maybe this would be a good solution for the Pimax, too. Even if then the field of view will be narrowed by the increased distance of the lenses to the eyes.

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At this point I believe it is WAY to late to change the design of the headset, but they have said Glasses users should be alright.

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The Rift isn’t really glasses friendly and the 8K is apparently better. I was able to find a set of Ben Franklin type frames that allow me to slip it on and of with ease. I took my CV1 with me to the Walmart Vision center for the fitting. The frames “CC 835 Satin Steel”

don’t reflect light and the arms under the ear pieces can be molded “fishhook” so they wrap around the ear. Mine look stupid as they are deliberately bought under-sized at width for VR purposes only. Perfect

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I use the lenses from https://vr-lens-lab.com/ with my Rift. Hopefully there will be a similar solution with the lens-adapter from Pimax.

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I use the lenses from https://vr-lens-lab.com/ with my Rift. Hopefully there will be a similar solution with the lens-adapter from Pimax.[/quote]
Thanks for the tip; I’ll probably buy VR lenses. Even if my glasses do fit inside, I can’t believe that they would be comfortable for a long gaming session.

The stretch goal frames are VR Lenslab, if I am not mistaken. All you should have to do is take them to your optometrist. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset

As you can see in the picture. This subscription lens is a stretchgoal and everyone will get one. All you need to do is have the correct lenses in it and you can use it without glasses.

Something else. If you haven’t yet, watch the guys from Tested when they try out the 8k, PROJECTIONS, Episode 24: Pimax 8K VR Headset Hands-on! - YouTube
You can see Norm try out the headset with his glasses at 22:55.
And you can hear him talk about having no problem doing so at 31:15. (he has pretty big glasses)

I don’t think you have anything to worry about.


Thanks for your answers!
I know that the frame for subscription lenses is included in the backer rewards. I was just wondering, how they will work with the big lenses that can be seen for the last prototype. The frames shown in the campaign look rather small.

My VR only glasses are of the same circumference so I thing they will work fine. I can see my frames but I don’t notice them like in RL and the same goes for VR.

I ordered cheap here, borderless, as large a format as possible. Then the nose saddle removed and adapted it so close to my face that my eyelashes almost touch the glasses. My entire field of vision is covered by the glasses.

It is important that they are anti-reflective, you can choose all this during the ordering procedure.

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I wonder if we could have them with the blueguard and polarized or minimally tinted to reduce SDE?

At the recent San Francisco meetup, I tried out the Pimax 8k and 5k+, they were perfectly fine with my glasses. Far better than Rift - with Rift, I can use glasses but it’s annoying to put the headset on, and when I take it off my glasses stay in there (so I bought prescription lenses for the Rift from WidmoVR). I didn’t have that problem at all with the Pimax, I was able to just put the headset on and take it off without even paying attention to the fact that I was wearing my glasses.

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have a look at these: https://vr-lens-lab.com/product/vr-frames-virtual-reality-glasses/
You can order them with blueguard coating.

Those look good, but keep in mind that VR Lens lab has an issue with prescriptions over -5. They add a distortion that makes most people sick. It might be a good idea to buy these frames but get the lenses from your local optometrist.
Edit: also, they do not yet have a pair specifically for the Pimax. Not sure that it matters, tho.

As I have only -1 there are no issues with the VR Lens Lab lenses. No distortion and no change of colours because of the bluegard coating. It`s not necessary to have a frame specifically for the Pimax. I´m sure I can use them for the Pimax, too.

They look like they’d be fantastic! Glasses that will fit into any headset?!! But I would need the lenses made by someone else. VR Lens Lab has already burned me once, I’m not going thru that waste of money again. I need to go to my optometrist to see what they would charge me; I do intend to get a pair.
Which set do you think would be best for the Pimax? There are some very different shapes available!

Can`t tell, which shape will be the best and if it makes a big difference. I have the ones for the Rift. As the lenses have a rather round shape, they should be ok for the Pimax.

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My current glasses didn’t fit Oculus or Vive, had to use smaller ones with Vive, but they fit Pimax 8k just fine, yeah they are a bit to close to the lenses for my liking, but it’s good enough imho.

I want to point out that there are two companies with similar names: VR Lens Lab and VR Lens EU. I bought mine (for Vive) from VR Lens EU and have been very happy with them. Just want folks to know that good lenses can be had from VR specialty lens shops. That said… while I’ve been happy with mine, YMMV. :wink:

I agree! After wasting $150(?) with VR Lens Lab, I bought a pair from VRLens.eu and I’ve been very happy.
Incidentally, VRLens.eu is now https://vroptician.com/ but they do not sell the frames like the other site has.