Having a blast!

I truly love the Pimax 8K in sim racing games like Project Cars 2 and Race Room. These 2 titles offer a great flow and great graphics - highly recommended!
When it comes to flightsim titles I enjoy 8K very much in IL2 but struggles in DCS.
DCS is by far the worst performer and I have tried pulling all settings down in DCS and also all the way up in DCS - although I can not get more then 25-30 FPS which makes it rather unplayable. I used as well the Pitool smoothing but it does not give any performance advantages.
Is this a DCS issue - is DCS badly coded? I off course awaits the delayed promised VR update in DCS but until then DCS is a no go. Is there something Pimax can do to help? Can example @Sweviver or other have the option to load up example DCS setting profiles for the Pitool?


Project Cars 2 is a simulator video game and support many devices, I used to play FIFA which is again a football simulation game.