Has this video been posted yet, 8kX

Has this video been posted yet ? , 8kX


Not enough time spendet for right Settings, I think.
Also, a 12 inch to short cable for him.

Ther are a lot nice videos from @coverman to find.


Well to be far, the cable is about a meter to short for me on My 5k+,
but it is still usable, I just cant reach the other side of My room like I can with My other HMDs, It was talked about by Pimax that they would make an extension cable, but that seams to be forgotten about.


yes, the optical cable with 6m should soon be available, i have read.


Soon, hahahaha…

Heh, read somebody somewhere on reddit, a few days ago, posting about how he had assembled himself an optical setup (don’t recall what HMD he had), and was using a 50M cable, since: “why not?”, after he had noticed how the electronics at the ends was apparently the expensive bits, with very different lengths differing very little in price. :7

good luck with your index! I hope you already got it. At Valve it’s soon also over 3 months in the meantime.

Since there is little loss of optical cables, this should be possible. But they like to break.

Breakout boxes would be optimal, so that you only have to change the optical fiber in the event of errors. Like Toslink @PimaxUSA

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Looks like this guy never looked here at forum. That is his main problem as he even mentioned that Index have better clarity… weird


It is the colored marketing that attracts normal consumers without specialist knowledge.
They are then disappointed when it doesn’t work.

This is the big plus for Valve. Uncomplicated, software and hardware give a closed optimized system, User ready.

No @Possyguset is referring to the 10m cable that keeps getting cancelled and then said there working on it.

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@JMB3D is this video yours?

If it is Jmb3d he likely stopped frequenting the forum after awhile when it seemed pimax was not going to get motion compensation working.

I’m not getting an index, I have a vive in the meantime anyway which is still more enjoyable than the self mutilation that is owning a pimax

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Yes, there was once a nice HMD, unfortunately with the Vive I couldn’t see any altitude, speed, course, temperature, weapon choice or even the enemy at Mach 1.2. That’s why it totally fails for me.

Good is, best colors, there is always enough replacement for 100 euros on ebay and no high-end computer is required.
for normal games, not a bad choice

vive pro is solution then, I got mine (HMD only) for about 700$, which is reasonable price for best OLED HMD in consumer market yet

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Yes its me, Sorry guys i just cant get on with the Pimax, its not for me, to much fuss.
As I’ve said I’ve got better things to do, and the index just works, and that’s all i want from a HMD.
You must understand i only race in VR and don’t play other games, its important i can race and feel comfortable all the time.
Hopefully Valve will make a HMD with 150-160 FOV that works the same as the index, that will be great.
Good luck to you all, I’m out of here.
PS i sold the 8KX.


With the complexity of your rig, Pimax is miles away from being workable for you. Selling it and moving on is a good option really and you saved yourself a lot of frustration in moving on quickly. I have the nose issue also when setting the IPD so I have to run the ipd ‘looser’ to avoid indents in my nose.

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I think given some time to get things established better with more simmers things will get easier.

However I do appreciate your gaming needs with it simply not being ready tio be used with your awesome sim setup. I do wonder about the sim ride pimax had on there website long ago with the seat moumted on a cnc robot.

Thank you for your feedback and impressions. Please still frequent here as other simmers will likely want to discuss your sim rig setup.