Has anyone found this problem in other headset

Last time I test psvr and I found that it has light at the left and right edge sometimes

Today I just try it again and try to close one eye to look at the middle, I see that the screen separator at the middle has some space, so I can see image from other side.

sample : screen seperator at the middle

When I can see the image from other side, it will become floated image at the left and right which continue to the overlap section.

But if no space between the screen separator and front frame (or mobile in cardboard headset), I will can see screen seperator easily and it will become black curve at the left and right edge instead.

I have ever test mojing s1, if screen is close to the lens, I can’t see the screen separator, but the image is blur, so I have to move screen out and so I will see it again.

Who know how to solve this issue.
I am concern that this effect will be happened when I use with 8k because it has big fov and the screen seperator or image from other side will float at left at right continue to the overlap section.

That problem looks to be an issue with build quality… I seriously doubt Pimax and other premium brands would have that issue.

I am not sure that this issues will be happened with someone who can look at the long distance easily and has much fov vision or not.

I have ever ask my friend who have samsung gear vr, I have ever test and found that I can see the separator easily, but my friend can’t see.

I only hope that it can be solved by moving lens for avoid seeing of those. I have 2 cardboard headset and they can’t move lens.

And I always move the screen to the max distance for the sharp image.

The 8k is using seperate screens. The issue you describe would be more common with single screen.


Great, I try to check and may be as you said.

A major difference between PSVR and the Rift / Vive is the fact that Sony only has one screen inside the thing. With HTC Vive and Oculus, there are actually two screens inside there.

Thanks for detail.

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