Happy Information for Adobe CC users

Sorry to create a topic for this, but I’m so happy that I just realized, how insanely easy it is to get a live preview inside Adobe Premiere CC or After Effects CC on the Pimax.
Just for the few that might find this helpful, since I myself would love to see more of such tips and tricks outside of the gaming world:

  • If you’re editing a 360 file in Adobe Premiere CC, make sure you activate ‘VR’ in the Sequence Settings
  • Then you can click on the little ‘tool icon’ inside the preview window and activate 'Adobe Immersive Environment’
  • Put on the headset, and you can look around in the current scene

To me this is incredibly helpful and I didn’t know about this functionality until now.


Wow !

This look promising !


I hate them i stopped buying their products when the they launched CC, still clinging to my CS5.5 Production Premium Suite as long as i can.
Bought a Mixamo licence a great product, the Adobe locusts acquired them and they killed the product rendering my licence useless.
Bought Substance Painter and Substance Designer and just learned a few days ago the Adobe locusts acquired Allegorithmic now i fear for this licences too, they already began integrating parts of it in CC.

Adobe can go to hell.