Hang on to your wallets. Nvidia 1180, maybe it is coming

Websites listing the 1180, saying available September.

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By then Bitcoin mining will be back in vogue. Nvidia is not stupid they are going to gouge those miners. Do not be fooled, this card is being made for them not us.

I have a titan x Pascal

Do you know if it is possible to use 2 nvidia card bridged together in 1 pc, to play any vr game we want or should the game support dual card?

I believe games have to support it, and only 2 vr games do.

Has been discussed many times, I would be looking for the best single GPU you can afford and build the pc from there.

1180 etc is the way to go, 1080ti will be the new 1070 when the 8k or 8k-x comes around

The 1180 will be a rip off all over again. When everybody spent the money the 1180Ti will show up in early 2019. And it will always cost you north of 800 bux…

Well the 1180 is listed at $1500, so yes the Ti will be northwards of $800 by quite a lot.
I’ll be waiting for the Ti, but also concerned it will be such a ripoff that I won’t be able to bring myself to buy it.

what about 1180Ti?


Another Nvidia bullshit sold like a scam… Jesus…

Has almost all the same specs of the Titan X…

I’m going to stick on my Gtx1080 liquid cooled and wait for the next generation, hoping gpu manufacturers take some real innovation from their hats.