Hand tracking module with dcs world?

Just checking in in April 2021… is the hand tracking module recommended? Just not sure what applications it can be used for other than the pimax vr experience… I’m hoping it works well with dcs world being able to manipulate knobs and dials in cockpit… has anyone tried the hand tracking in dcs? If anyone is willing to try I’d greatly appreciate it and you can install the base sim for free via steam…thanks

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Bumping up - dont know how to enable it to run in DCS . Anyone ?
tried already some options in DCS menu but no luck so far…

So you have the hand tracking module already and no luck in dcs? I’m not getting it until it’s proven to work with dcs…You could look into this and ask the video makers how they did it… DCS World with Leapmotion - YouTube and Leap Motion & HP Valve Reverb G2 | DCS Hand Tracking Without Controllers Finally Works! - YouTube (this last one has a link to drivers and coding for steam vr in the video description)

Also this one has a files link in the description too- LeapMotion with Valve Index VR Emulator (fixed) in DCS 2.5.6 - YouTube

please let me know if you get it to work

Alternatively I’ve pre ordered PointCtrl… something the usaf are using for vr pilot training with dcs and allows you to manipulate the knobs and dials with your hands and still be able to use your hotas

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The thing is that driver is installed and some steam vr apps like Mirror or Particles is working great with Pimax hand tracking, but still I dont see hands in DCS. Not sure why, maybe extra plugin is needed or Pimax hands tracking is not supported in sim.
@SweViver @mirage335

Hand controller emulation plugins for SteamVR are required - hand tracking does not work ‘natively’ in DCS World. The results are adequate to punch numbers into the UFC or punch the occasional MFD button, but not exactly fluid.

I suspect PointCTRL works much better, but I do not have those myself, and I expect we will see high-quality aircraft simulations for other game engines soon enough to get good hand tracking and other problems solved that way.

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If you want to play with it, the SDraw emulation plugin is here

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Thanks for link…

Not sure what I have to download from git hub ?. Driver was prievously instaled and is running
Can you guide me a bit more ?:slight_smile:

Assuming that you’ve followed these steps:

Go to this page and download the file driver_leap_1.1-94_x64.zip

At that point, the rest of the directions should make more sense, let me know if you get hung up again.
Edit: assuming that you are running Win10.
Edit2: so you’ll have the directory structure of: <SteamVR_folder>/drivers/leap/resources/settings.xml

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Yes Win 10 and I have installed …x86 driver as this make more sense too me:

still dont see hands in DCS

I can’t remember if you actually see your hands or your hands become controllers with pointers. It’s been a while.
However, you are likely using the wrong one anyway? Windows 10 is normally a 64bit installation. Unless you’ve changed something, you should be using the x64, NOT the x86. The x86 is for Windows8, Windows 7 and on down. I’m not sure what the result is for using the wrong one, if you are.


Hand controllers must be enabled in DCS World itself, and you should see emulated Vive wands or Index controllers or such in SteamVR home.

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After changing to x64 driver I was able to run it and hands show up in DCS but index controller emulation is not good at all. Unplayable in that way… Thanks , at least it works

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The different versions of the controller emulators behave quite differently. Some are usable, some not.

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May I hijack this thread for a second: what about MSFS ? I know Asobo have VR controller implementation rather low on their priority list, so hand tracking will be even more remote, but who knows, perhaps somebody came up with a genius mod ?

I noticed a thread in the MsFs forums, where a Ultraleap developer inquired about the desire and left his email address: dev.purdon@ultraleap.com

@SweViver @arminelec @mirage335: you guys may have ideas about what could be done about it ? If yes, would you mind to reach out to Ultraleap too (Pimax obviously will have their points of contact with them already).

I am very much certain MSFS team, Pimax, and UltraLeap are all very much familiar with each other. :wink:

Maybe they to hear some enthusiasm from the playerbase.

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yeah :wink: :wink: :wink:


Okay, so do you have any points of contact we should approach to show our desire ?

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Are you telling us that Pimax and Asoboo team is cooperating and we can expect in near future VR support with PP off without glitches and native hands tracking ? :wink:

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