Hand Tracking Hand Model mania! :) 50+ models/skins in Beta 0.39

Ok, I know this is overkill and I always go too far, but hey its been a real hassle to get the extra hand models to work as they were not compatible with latest Leap Motion Core engine. But hey I made it to work … after like 16 hours of grinding and testing lol, and it works great :slight_smile:

So yeah, in total 50+ different hand models/skins/variations. Many of them different skins on top of models, but still they look all different :slight_smile: Male hands, female hands, white, latino, black etc… a few different robot hands, and some fun skins I made of the human hand-models. Feels like I could spend weeks just playing around doing fun models (like Spiderman-hands maybe?) but yeah, I know there are more important things to take care of now!

Anyway, if yu have Leap Motion, please give this a try and let me know what you think. Seriosly, Ive never seen a VR software or game even having real human hand models, so I hope this will be appreciated by some :slight_smile:

Time for dinner…first meal of the day lol. Cya later!

Btw, heres the list of all hand models currently in Beta 0.39:

Male Hands Human 1
Male Hands Human 1 + Arms
Male Hands Human 2
Male Hands Human 2 + Arms
Male Hands Human 3
Male Hands Human 3 + Arms
Male Hands Human 4
Male Hands Human 4 + Arms
Male Hands Human 5
Male Hands Human 6
Male Hands Human 6 + Arms
Male Hands Human 7
Male Hands Human 7 + Arms
Male Hands Human 8
Male Hands Human 8 + Arms
Male Hands Alien
Male Hands Pale
Male Hands Green
Male Hands Blue
Male Hands Metallic 1
Male Hands Metallic 2
Male Hands Glossy
Male Hands Glittery
Male Hands Cartoon
Male Hands Glow
Female Hands Human 1
Female Hands Human 1 + Arms
Female Hands Human 1 + Arms + Nails
Female Hands Human 2
Female Hands Human 2 + Arms
Female Hands Human 3
Female Hands Human 3 + Arms
Female Hands Human 3 + Arms + Nails
Female Hands Green
Female Hands Blue
Female Hands Metallic 1
Female Hands Metallic 2
Female Hands Glossy
Female Hands Glittery
Female Hands Alien
Female Hands Pale
Female Hands Ghost
Female Hands Cartoon
Female Hands Cartoon + Arms
Female Hands Glow
Robot Hands 1
Robot Hands & Arms 1
Robot Hands 2
Robot Hands & Arms 2
Robot Hands 3
LoPoly Hands
Capsule Hands


Added a video to just quickly show you the hand models :slight_smile:
Some of them are not perfect, but can probably be replaced later on when I get some cool models from UltraLeap (will contact them)


so cool! Seeing your hand AND UNDERARMS adds so much to the sense of presence/immersion! This is something I would also like to see in games,too. GREAT WORK, Marcin!


Very cool. The robot hands bring back some memories when I first did experiment with hand tracking on an Oculus DK1.


I found the finger offset versus the touch-pointer to be a little “off” for all the new hands. Correcting it now and will be fixed in new version.

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I like the choice of having so many hands in PE. They look great! I like the addition of the Hulk hands and the blue ones.

I just noticed Board Games VR in your video, in the list of games. I got very excited when I saw it there!!! :slight_smile:
You can use the Beta builds (Properties -> Beta tab -> beta) to get the latest greatest ahead of time. See how well you can see the stars in “The Void” with the Pimax 8KX! :slight_smile: (currently only in the Beta build).


Hey Armin @arminelec Im happy to see you here! :slight_smile:

Im so sorry I havent got back to you… long story man… I would like to talk to you in private this weekend to sort things out… lets take it over Whatsapp!