Hand Motion Tracking Option - Clarifications?

@PimaxVR @Matthew.Xu
Can you please answer the following questions regarding the Ln hand tracking add-on:

(1) Will the Leap Motion hand tracking module be delivered after the headset? if so what is the estimate for delivery?
(2) Will it run data over the existing headset cable, or require an additional cable/weight?
(3) Is it the updated Leap Motion 180 degree tracking system, shown here: https://www.leapmotion.com/product/vr/#113
(3) The option is missing from the Kickstarter add-on page, so please confirm you require us to add $110 to our pledge to get this leap motion tracking option.

Many thanks, and congratulations on an excellent funded Kickstarter.
You have many excited backers, who want to help & support in making this a success.

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According to Alex of Leap Motion, it is the new 180 degree system. Pimax have also responded in kickstarter comments recently (link) that the addon can still be chosen for $110 ($10 of which is shipping). It does add weight, being a physical device attached to the headset, but should run through the bottom USB type C connector and not require a separate cable.

Hi @Immersive,

  1. The delivery time is not confirmed yet. We are still confirming the time.
  2. It’s connected with USB.
  3. Yes, it’s the new tracking system.
  4. Yes, $100 for this module and $10 for shipping.

Thank you


Thank you for taking the time to clarify @Matthew.Xu
I’m assuming that is the same USB cable that the headset uses then, so it shares bandwidth on 1 cable?

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Yes, we do a lot of testing.


There was a pimax post in the Facebook club that said the hand module was $100(no shipping needed to be added).

In the campaign when there was mention of the hand module it also said $100 without mention of requiring shipping cost.

I believe the $10 shipping cost information is incorrect and that there has been some miscommunication somewhere amongst the pimax teams


Thanks for this information, for time being I just added $100 to my pledge.