Hand motion module + Pimax 8K VR


Awesome post xunshu. By chance are you one of the demonstrators?

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Not really. I wish I was there though, but lots to do before launch :slight_smile:

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I don’t see any built in headphones in any of the videos. Will those be added before the final version? Or will they be an additional purchase later?

the head band is an accessory that will be included in the packages.
we offer the head bands with earphones we are considering to make it a gift to backers.


Thanks, please include the headphones as that is a must have for me to be integrated. Also, the leap motion tracking, is that only hand tracking or is it tracking the headset positionally as well?

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We cannot disclose any detail about our partner’s new product, but I could tell you the new LM is super powerful.

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Maybe question is noobish, i’m very new to this hand/leap motion thing… Is it add ability of virtual keybord for Virtual Desktop / Bigscreen apps? My dream is to work in virtual places but only thing lacks is keyboard.
PS: Is this hand motion module is Leap motion or just similar product from other manufacturer?

I saw a video demo by Pimax co-founder who said the “hand/leap motion thing” is actually made by leap for Pimax.

I’m a backer for the 8K system and Pimax sent me an email telling me I can purchase this controller now for $100 but I haven’t seen any apps for this system to make it worthwhile myself.

I use a LEAP glued to the front of my Oculus.

Currently really only use it in Flight simulator (P3D or FSX) using FlyInside

It kind of lets you touch the switches, grab the rendered yoke and throttle.

Still a big work in progress. Right direction, but I’d say it needs a ton of work still in that application


Why videos with hand motion module have been removed from youtube?Same in Kickstarter… Why?