Half life Alyx without parallel projection!

Am I the only one to have noticed that there is no need for “parallel projection” when Half life Alyx is launched from the Pitool? ^^" (no shade or other problems)

moreover on the Pimax 5k+ when you decrease the refresh rate to 72hz the image becomes much more beautiful (I have a 2080ti).


I will try that. For me the game is crashing.

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Ok, I get it, going through pitool it launches the PIMAX profile for Half Life Alyx simply.


I wasn’t using PP early in the game as the couple of times I saw graphics issues were of little distraction. Much later in the game I found myself turning it on as those levels had many more anomalies. Not that PP cost much performance for me anyway.
The Alyx Pitool being PT 258 based is a no go for me, as well, as it cost me several fps in Dirt Rally 2 which is a deal breaker as i have it right where I like it with 249.


I initially had crashing because I had my Windows swap set at 4096. I let Windows handle it and it’s been fine since.


Hi. Just checked in W10 and it is set to let windows manage it and it’s way higher than my ram. I do only have 8GB of ram though.

It couldn’t be that you are using the recent PiTool that has a settings profile specifically for Alyx? I could easily imagine that one of the settings it comprises (EDIT: presumably overriding one’s global preferrence) could be: “PP on”.

Lower refresh rate gives you better render resolution, because the game scales it up and down automatically, so that you constantly get as much quality as there is time for, between refreshes, without missing any of them (save sudden spikes), depending on how heavy the rendering load is at any given time.

Man, when I noticed that bullet hole decals have parallax mapping, my pre-existing regret that the wall textures do not, doubled. :confused:

really? What difference would it make?

Was that a response to me?

Just visual - the flatness of the surfaces bothers me greatly - just one of those things one should easily be able to overlook, but… :stuck_out_tongue:

it was a response as to why launching from pitool would suddenly make PP Off work. Is it launching it by injecting differently?

Is there a way to correct avoid the objects from disapear far on the side view of our Pimax like it does into steam home either ? It is annoying.

EDIT : I tried PP and the problem was gone but the graphics was really not as good.
My max recommended resolution was set to 8192 into steamvr setting .txt.
Pitool 1.0 , SteamVR 150%, 5K+, 2080TI, 72HZ, high settings graphics in-game menu.

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