Half-Life 1 vr - mod on Steam

A new “Half-Life 1 VR mod” from modder MaxMakesMods is available on Steam.

It is not HL1 VR quest only version, but another mod for all steamVR devices.
You need to have HL1 game and SteamVR Headset with controllers. Press download, and start - can not be easier.
I tried it briefly, it looks and feel excellent.

Only, because of a bug, I couldn´t enter my lab on beginning, as auto-door was inactive. I already asked regarding this. A guy in youtube abowe went further, but he didn´t show that door.
EDIT: I started another game, and second time the door was working properly.

Also ladders may be problematic (depending of your prefer type of locomotion).

My recommendation is to add mod to your Steam account, and sleep a few days before main issues were polished :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is a mod from “MaxVollmer” aka “MaxMakesModes”. I was following the story of this mod before, and somehow forgot it until now. Max also thanks for contribution from several other people, modders and artist, it is all together one nice story described on steam page of mod, you may want to read :wink:


It’s nice the mod community keeps at it and while I certainly enjoyed HL in it’s day, it’s graphics are just too dated for me to get excited. Especially when immersed in so many great ALYX mods.

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Anybody with Vive wands? I cant cycle weapons… Anybody know how?

Try edit your controllers layout in SteamVR; Vive wands lack of buttons, so you will have to sacrifice something. Try to have separate click, long press, double click…

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This is a detailed guide for settings in game:

I use “real” climbing on ladders, with teleport on top with my main hand. Normal locomotion with off hand.

How does this compare to the HL2VR mod? Just as good?

Already similar to HL2, some small issues here.
But it has jump and running, what even Alix does not have :smiley:

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