GUIDE how to achieve Perfect Real View with Pimax IPD compensation

I would assume it’s best to start by setting the center of the lenses to the same distance as your pupils (how I did it) and then set the stereo offset from there.

Here’s some tips and apps for measuring your IPD:


So you too have your IPD adjusted way lower than what it should be, and we have similar actual IPD numbers. My real numbers are Close 67.5 and Far 70, and I have mine set to 62 in the HMD with a -.5 offset too.

I assume you did not see my posts on this topic. In the first I explain why the distance between lenses (centers) is bigger than the IPD value the headset shows (Some thoughts on the IPD discrepancy) and in the second I explain how the perspective projection (angular verity) is screwed up when you set the lenses closer than they should be (Clarifying Near IPD x Distant IPD confusion).

What you advertise here and on the reddit as a method for setting up an IPD is a myth perpetuated on this forum all the time = that in order to have an IPD set correctly, one must see a clear image in both eyes (when focusing on the same distant virtual spot). My second post above explains why it cannot work this way.

On top of that, using the fixed image, (which is rendered this way Pimax native projection and pre-lens warp transformation) introduces another false indication as it seems to project the image at the plane which is at infinity.

While there are people who seem to prefer to sacrify the angular verity in favor of a clear image (as you do), such setting can lead to other issues (as severe as the ones related to blurry images) and I would definitely not promote it as a solution to the problem, without giving the explanations of the consequences I made above and a big disclaimer.

Here are my two recent posts, why I believe that the IPD setting is a tricky subject, which does not have easy and reproducible solution. ([Pimax Response Required] Is there an official solution for eyestrain and IPD issues in the works?), (Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions).


I assume that if we made a poll… and several users with differents IPDs adjust correctly the measure of Stereoscopic Depth… we can know what’s the perfect value of IPD offset and IPD hardware for each user.


This method will have its limitations to those that have to set the ipd to the hardware minimum

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I’m not sure how exactly but setting the IPD to -1.5 and then dialling the headset back to my measured 66.4 created a miracle!

I can see in real 3D now! It’s a world of difference, I thought I was seeing 3D before but nope, but I do now!! Wow!

I am so happy, it is amazing I thought I was seeing 3D before but clearly I did not, haha.

I tried using the SoftIPD before but it didn’t really click because I didn’t know which way to go. When you change the SoftIPD suddenly the dial shows a different number, so I wasn’t sure what to do with that. I just set the SoftIPD to -1.5 just to have a big effect and then just tried dialling back to my 66.4 and boom! I noticed the leaves and branches suddenly seem exactly 2 meters away where they should be. I truly had my mouth fall open and if I wasn’t such a badass I’m sure I would have teared up there too.



There really needs to a simple software that helps easily calibrate the Pimax for personal use.
It should be as easy as a 3D test image that you hone in on by adjusting settings step by step much as you do for 2D with monitors and/or GPU’s display settings.


All in due time. Soft ipd offset for example was needed.

Now once Eyetracking is out should be easier to have a program say set Hardware ipd to & Soft ipd offset to…


Eye tracking is a very incredible feature to achieve a perfect VR view and adjustments :slight_smile:


Yes! For me was only -0.5 of difference… but it was a world of distance! Now it’s real and I can play for hours heheh


With negative offset (-1.5) I was able to improve the 3-D effect. A nice side effect: world scale was a bit too big before, now it’s just right. Reference is my Lenovo Explorer. My ipd is 65.5.

Yen, many thanks for this efficient test procedure.


Thanks @Yen, I thought I had my IPD dialed in, but your suggestion to offset the SoftIPD eliminated a ‘nose overlap’ I was seeing in the middle of my view.


@kellerbach @g-coded it’s my pleasure! :smiley:


I actually now feel Pimax can potentially rule the VR scene with this epic improvement


To make such a massive difference for you, I am really wondering what you were looking at before this change?

For me a positive setting makes the world look much bigger until I reach a point of double vision in the distance but fine close up. A negative setting is the reverse.


Me too. It seems eyes are not as similar to everyone as it seems.

Maybe my brain was adding depth information from other aspects more than I realised.


If you recall @VRGIMP27 posted some monoscopic images.

This back and forth of what could work is getting ridiculous. We and an OFFICIAL way to setup your IPD from pimax that everyone can follow.

I.E step by step process of setting up the HMD for it to look correct for each user.
@pimaxusa Can we please get an official process for setting the correct IPD & IPD offset for the 5&8k? I’m going out of my mind with these posts.

As far risa2000 posts which are very helpful and insightful, I really do not care about them! I didn’t buy a HMD to do calculations on what the angle of screen is in relation to my IPD and distance of my eyes from the HMD. I want to calibrate my HMD once for me be done with it. (yes I do have my official IPD from my optometrists. Which is all I needed for my Vive)


You overestimated the company which produces your headset. It will come, but it will take some time and pushing from our side. It was the same with the 4K model. It’s both the charm of the small company and ofcourse also the frustration when comparing to the other players


Its time to stop with this. We are over 1 & 1/2 years out from when the kickstater was funded. They also had their 4k HMD piror to the kickstarter. that means 2 1/2 to 3 years in VR. Oculus and HTC/Vavle had just as much time before their HMD’s came out.
Also this is an ESSENTIAL component of a HMD. It should not be shipped with out instructions and this stuff worked out.