Gtx 1060 with Pimax 5k+ :|

Hello, I have just a little question, can i run some games with a Gtx 1060 with Pimax 5k+?
(With reduced resolution and game quality to low, maybe 170° fov…) Do you think i can do something with the 5K+? Thanks ^^

Probably not. If you can it will be low graphics likely with small FoV.

1070 seems to be min & thats with reduced settings.

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Okay thanks you, i will try anyway before buy a new graphic card because i need a new processor …

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I hear you there. In theory though video play should work.

Is your 1060 at least the 6g model? Good thing about waiting is potential gpu price drops

No, i have the 3g model, but i can maybe create some little game with unity 3D, with a good frame rate i think…

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And with the brainwarp, the brainwarp can be a good solution no?

Possibly but way to early to say

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Okay thank you! 20 char

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Well…3gb GPU doesnt help for sure.
Depend what game you want to play at, you can forget FallOut4, ProjectCars2 and such.
For small or older games I think it could have some adapted settings and resolution to enjoy FoV and SDE.
And if Iam right there are some Pimax 8k footages preview running on a 1070 somewhere.


Yeah I know @SweViver has ran some on his 1070 laptop.

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I have 1060 with 6 GB, I think old games should work like Doom 3 BFG or Halflife 1+2

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The 3GB models are too short in memory bandwidth for current gen VR headsets. So no, not really anything of the today’s demanding titles will work good at small FoV of 120.
Simple experiences could work though.

There were interesting presentations for Oculus Quest and porting over PC titles to low performance Snapdragon 835. This could also make some developers optimizing the PC code, but I don’t have high hopes.

Go over your budget, maybe you can snap a Vega or 1080 when gamers upgrade to next gen nVidias in the towards end of year shopping craze.

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Thanks you for yours posts, i will try to make some test and publish in the forum. My tests will help a few people maybe😀

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Me too, i’ve a gtx 970 (just a few more powerful than yours or maybe the same) but i want to buy the 5k+ because i feel that i can play maybe the older games (year 2010 or less) with a good framerate and modest lod

The only problem is that the vorpx application doesn’t work very well with pimax :frowning: i hope they fix it

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As I just replied in another post I realize that tests are not complete.

AFAIK all testers have running everything with maxxed settings and if it struggle “guys it doesnt run, need a 2080”…
Oh yeah Sweviver tested on a 1070 laptop but he says, lets say about Skyrim, “you have to lower Supersampling and even maybe the shadows” or something like that…when you think about it, its not a test, its a advertising for 1080 or highter.
The whole point of the setting users, the ones that programmers uses for the most people enjoy their game is just buried quick.

Well, let me tell you Iam pretty confident something lower that the 1080 can run it, as I said, not the most demanding games but some, enough to enjoy it while 1080 prices drop.
Dunno maybe most of people are use to play on PS4 to have totally avoided that point.
It run at max or nothing.


It is possible yes. However @Pumcy was the one to discover the 980ti was not strong enough to cut it. Granted this was before we had FoV options.

I was pleasantly surprised with the p4k model that I was able to run quite well on a 2x7950 cf setup for med results in steamvr.

But I don’t think we will be as fortunate. But I am looking forward to your results.

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I think you have a point there. I also got the impression that @SweViver has pretty high standards in frame rate, definitely non of the 15 FPS on EGA is fluid generation.

It could be quite telling in what config a small FoV renders in similar FPS compared to 1st gen headsets.

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There are some titles that you could play with a lower end GPU, but the requirements that Pimax suggests should support most titles, not just a select few.

You could absolutely play some games with less than a 1080, especially with lower quality settings, but that scenario would not satisfy the average person.

Here’s a sample of my results. Admittedly, I could have lowered the quality settings in Arizona Sunshine, but the graphics aren’t at max in these tests. I am not using supersampling either. PiTool is set to 1x. Steam VR at 100% and Steam’s recommended setting.

Why would you spend money on a headset that you can’t enjoy everything with? I highly recommend the highest-end GPU that you can buy. I have an RTX 2080 now and I am not satisfied with the performance. If I could afford it, I would have a 2080Ti to drive my 5K+ M2.


Thanks for feedback!


Why would I bought a new GPU without even having the headset yet? Iam ready to some compromises while waiting for 1080 price drop or something like that.
Plus, not having the best GPU doesnt keep people away from kickstart a promising headset at lower price.


Thanks for the info.
I wonder how much “fps” do you gain from playing in “small” FOV, until we get a better GPU.


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