Grid View for adjusting ipd settings

Hi there everyone it seems to me setting youre ipd is an issue for a lot of people.
so ill share with you some things i learned.
i dont know if someone already posted something similar cause im just started using VR for a few months now.
And my first vr headset is a pimax 8 kx and i absolutely love it.
but when i first put it on my head there were a few things annoying me.
If im not calling things by its exact name forgive me cause im not an expert.
but the first thing that really annoyed me was like the rings in the lenses dont know if anyone knows what i mean but my gues is you do if youre eyes are to close to the lenses the rings create verry annoying distortions in the image.
Now i expect this problem will be different for everyone but my fix was to glue a thick foam pad to a thin foam pad and nasty distortions are gone clear view and no annoying shiny lights when using a big screen view.
then later on i was discussing some things on facebook and a guy named Ken Crawford tells me about a great way for getting youre ipd settings perfect.
So definatly all credits for Ken.
He told me how he used a grid view in his headset.
To do this he replaced the default picture in pitool.
you go to this location on youre computer.

C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\resource

And you replace the file: pimax_default

with this image i uploaded to rapidgator
i made this myself using photoshop and i used it to set my ipd settings perfectly.

So now just start pitool and there you go Grid view so now just try to use the hardware ipd settings to get the image as sharp as you can.
then go to the ipd settings in pitool and individually set the ipd setting for each eye.
Just close one eye and look through youre other eye up down and to the sides and center and keep adjusting the settings with little steps till the grid is as sharp as you can get it.
Then follow the exact same steps for youre other eye.
then also check if the vertical offset can make it better.
And finally look through both youre eyes and the grid should look really sharp and also verry natural to look at so no eyestrain at all.
So it might take a little time cause you have to hold the headset againts youre head and take it off each time you adjust something.
But trust me for me it made such a huge difference that i decided to share this with the community.
Cause my view is crystal clear and looking through the headset feels verry natural on the eyes and its just amazing.
So for all of you out there hope this will be a big help in finding the perfect settings for a perfect view.
and you can really enjoy youre pimax vr headset.

Greetings from the Netherlands

this is what it looks like


Thanks for the credits and for the good work and posting!! That is very nice grid and is useful for making adjustments. The one I use has a mix of several grids and color bars. Hopefully there will be a good IPD wizard in PE when it’s completed. I just made a new one with a grid I found on this forum (can’t find the link to share it) and it also helps. This one is for the 8KX image size.


Hi Ken really nice of you to share you’re grid also hope this will help a lot of people to set there settings right and they will be able to enjoy their headset even more :ok_hand:t2:

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Would this work for the 5K+?

My guess is that it will cause the image is for pitool don’t think it matters wich headset you use but I should say just try and find out it can always become better or just stay the same let me know if it worked

try this


Thanks! I have used that in the past.

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@arminelec are you thinking what i’m thinking ?

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I can guess what you’re thinking I hadn’t used Pimax experience before so this is kind of obsolete lol :joy:

I don’t get what you’re saying. You said look through the grid and make sure it’s clear and sharp. Which part of the grid? Are you talking about the entire grid? You can’t see everything. The point is to line up both eyes to the same object and that’s tough.

Yes well it’s just that the grid needs to be sharp in the direction you look and then when looking with both eyes it needs to feel natural and easy to look at but this post was a bit of a waste of time cause now with Pimax experience it’s much easier to do it there but hadn’t used it yet at that time

I got it correctly adjusted now I think.

Nice hope it will bring you a better experience :ok_hand:t2:

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