Graphic looks like a PS2 game


I just got my Pimax4K and i haven’t tried any other VR headset yet, but… is it really looking that bad??!

I tried Deus Ex Mankind Divided VR and it flickers everywhere, nothing is sharp. The 3D depth is good but the edges are totally pixelated. Titanic VR and others are the same. Shadows and lights flicker and It’s seems it’s like a 480p resolution.

Like i said i have no clue about VR, but i run a decent gaming no tebook with a gtx1060m and i have only one HDMI port, the video quality of VR videos is good and all but games are… terrible.

Any suggestions to improve it or is it like that?


First of all you have to be sure that the “2k” resolution in piplay settings is set to active.
In addition you can try to activate SSAA or MSAA in game settings (if following settings are provided).

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@noah23 Have you adjust IPD(interpupillary distance) in Piplay setting? Please tell me your version of Piplay & Firmware, I’m glad to provide assistance for you.

Yep i selected 2K in piplay and set ultra inside deus ex with MSAA. Didn’t help

I tried different IPD settings (50, 55, 60, 65, 75) but no change in any of those, i don’t see even a change in general. I use the firmware

I use windows 10 on a notebook. I was told by the shop support pimax4k doesn’t work on any windows 10 laptops, is that true? All the new notebooks are VR Ready and use win 10… is therevno way to get this to run?

I run win10 and it works fine.
You’re probably have to provide info that Pimax support has asked for (Piplay version & Firmware version)

Thanks for all the replies.

Do You also use win 10 on a notebook? The shop told me steam vr doesn’t work for many games if use win 10 on laptops. Only desktop pc have the compability. At least that’s what they told me and would explain my terrible low resolution look.

But the extended mode does work btw.

@noah23 Is your Piplay version 1.1.92?

As you may know, it could use only Extend mode if Integrated graphics run in your Notebook. Please let me know what’s your PC configuration, or add our skype: to communicate, thanks.

Yes, I use 1.1.92 piplay.

Hi Noah,

If your laptop has dual graphics (intel with your 1060m)

You might be running into problems associated with that. In one of the forums here if mem serves.

Someone posted about having a VR ready laptop but found out the hdmi output only puts out from intel graphics (which if you can’t switch it to the say 1060m you have; not truely a vr ready laptop)

Something to maybe look into.

Hi, thanks for the tip. I checked with the shop constructed the laptop, no answer yet, but don’t think It’s the issue since a few rift games i was able to play were well. I doubt the intel integrated card could manage that.
But i will see and try get vorpx to run in the meantime, then the graphic performance would be clear.

@noah23 hi, could you read Chinese characters : )

Is your notebook called “Terrans Force T5” (Notebook T5)? Does “Pimax mode” exist in your Piplay?

Yes it does. Pimax mode and extended mode. Bith are there. And switching is no problem either. But the quality is significantly different. SteamVR games start but look terrible. But technically it works

Oh and yes, It’s the chinese brand Terrans Force T5.

Hi, have you resolved this issue of terrible resolution in SteamVR games? And have you tried to update NVIDIA diriver?

I updated all drivers… and i gave up. I sold my pimax4K online.
I’m not patient enough, i want plug and play and will try out my friends PSVR HMD with trinus.

Thanks for trying to help out, i appreciate it. Goodbye

already sold your pimax??? because of ps2 look like game? sorry, but maybe in few days, you are going to buy another pimax because pimax have the best screen render. I have a home made STAR-VR with dual 2K panel from topfoison, and I prefer 2160p panel from pimax.
Of course, there is some bugs from piplay software, but we have to see “pimax 4k” like a “oculus DK1 UHD”. Don’t forget, this is just my opinion, but I prefer when my eyes can trust the reality with 4k panel, instead of a plug and play product with hard screen door effect.

by the way, I wish you good game with PSVR.

Sorry to hear that Noah.

Truth Psvr with Trinus is no where near ready. Currently locked at 60hz & at present i believe its only working display; no tracking.

As for the Ps4 with it? Not bad but found with Resident Evil started to quickly start to feel vr sick (Maybe 20min) While on Steam with PiMax 4k playing Ethan Carter with vr dlc for almost an hour without that off feeling.

I do wish support had been more active on your issue.

Although should necessarily be an issue desktop card of the 1060 has a 3g n 6g model. I do know with yours being a laptop model of the card there not as beefy as a full card.

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“Truth Psvr with Trinus is no where near ready. Currently locked at 60hz & at present i believe its only working display; no tracking.”


Trinus haa improved considerably & now supports 120hz & some kind of tracking using the psvr lights & a webcam. Don’t remember if they have gyro/accel sensor working yet.

Even tho lower res than oculus/vive; it would be interesting seeing how it performs running @1080p opposed to on ps4 @ 720p. (Panel capable of 1080p native)

But new psvr runs in Canada 4 $549+tax without controllers. Which my PiMax 4k i Paided with xtra $25 customs charge(used DHL) due to enter US port before coming to Canada. So with coupon code i found in review (beleive it made it $289 US with headphones) $409 ca (Dhl i think was $20).

PiMax 4k total cost $434 ca (Canada)

So close to $200 ca less than PSVR with Trinus Cost factored in if Using on PC.

Which still places PiMax 4k as still better cost Value for VR.