Got shipping email: Wait for 8K-X or swap for 5K+?

Hi everyone. I wondered if some kind people here could possibly explain something to me? I’m in the low #400 of Kickstarter backers and to my surprise have been sent an email by Pimax giving me 1 week to decide to wait for my 8K-X or swap to 5K/8K. E.g. they can ship me a different headset if I want. I couldn’t believe it! Yet before I got too excited, I took a further look on what was on offer but then realised there was a few hurdles, or at least how I interpret things.

Main issue:
I could have decided what to do now without question, and not make a thread here, if the 8K-X update had come out in October as promised and we’d all known the direction of 8K-X. With no news, however, I can only take a risk it and either do nothing and wait maybe until well into 2019 or longer, or enter blindly into a swap for a 5K+ headset now. My concern is, to my regret, in a month or so Pimax tells us the 8K-X is coming out in summer 2019! This is an issue if I am effectively buying a 5K/8K and it’s not a loaner headset for a short while, because then obviously Pimax will give my 8K-X pledge to someone else and I shoot myself in the foot jumping to soon and not being patient.


  1. Is it an actual fact 8K-X full package backers (who only want to buy 1 headset) can get a loaned 5K/8K headset in the mean time, use it, and then post it back to China once the 8K-X is produced? It seems very generous of Pimax to do this if this is correct. From what I can tell this is not the case though, and Pimax are offering to effectively SELL me the a 5K/8K outright, which would be a second headset in addition to my eventual 8K-X. I don’t wan that as I don’t have the finances or need for two headsets. Could someone please tell me the facts?

Lets say I’m wrong, there is no ‘loaned’ headset and this is a fantasy. So I looked up the difference in price between 5K full package and 8K-X full package:

I pledged $999 for 8K-X full package + $100 for leap motion ($1099) before postage. This is $399 more than 5K full package without leap motion module. So I was guessing in the email it would say 8K-X owners who want to ‘swap’ (I actually wanted a loaner, but the Pimax email doesn’t use the word loan) get $299 to $399 rebate, depending on if they paid $100 for the leap motion module during the campaign, as I did. Except it didn’t say this at all.

Instead, Pimax appears to be saying, if I swap to a 5K from an 8K-X they’ll offer me only a $100 token for accessories and keep my $1099 :confused:. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as they have my money ($1099), this would mean by downgrading from 8K-X full package + Leap Motion module, to 5K full package ($699) + $100 free token admittedly, I would actually still lose $300?

5K Full package: $699 + $100 free token for 8K-X backers = $799 total value.
8K-X Full package: $999 + my $100 Leap Motion payment during Kickstarter = $1099
$1099 - $799 = $300 difference.

Naturally none of the above matters, if, incredibly I can receive a loan 5K/8K headset for free whilst waiting for an 8K-X and can then post it back to China, but this doesn’t appear to be on offer, just an actual physical swap away from 8K-X to a 5K/8K which appears to lose me a net $300 if I agree to it.

Thanks for any input, and sorry for the confusion.


I think there’s a loner option, with an extra shipping/processing fee.

@anon23564932, please provide up-to-date info. Thanks!

  1. There was a choice way back in the Kickstarter backer survey if you wanted a loaner.

You can check what you answered by logging into Kickstarter. It isn’t clear which question it was (“Do you prefer to:”) but it is the question after the one about controller preference.

I answered: “Receive 8K first before 8K X is finished, and return 8K to us for 8K X when it is ready”

BTW it didn’t need to be the full package. I got an early bird 8KX headset only pledge and added extra $$$ for the base stations and controllers.

I’m assuming/hoping Pimax will allow ppl to change their preferences now due to the delays and 5K+ meaning some ppl may have changed their mind.


other people have been on the forum saying they received their 8K loan unit, so they seem to be under the impression that it is still a thing

can you post the actual text of the email?

but you are probably going to get a better answer by just replying to the email and asking if the 8k/5k is a loan unit


Reply with the stipulation that the 8K or 5K+ that you receive should be considered the loan unit.

Can you post your actual email redacting private info?



Tuesday, September 18, 2018 12:25 AM

Will you keep 8K or switch to 5K+?

You may refer to the very in-depth reviews by our testers to make your decision:

Mixed Reality TV | | German/English
SweViver | | English
VoodooDE | | German

Also, would love to know what are the accessories you’d like to add with the $100 extra pledge, if you plan to switch to 5K+ and to double check: do you prefer to receive 5K+/8K first, and then exchange to X when it becomes available?

Feel free to let me know for any question!

Best regards,
Pimax Support

My Reply:
2018 Sep 18 (Tue) 16:24

Do ship the 8K “loaner”.

Shipping address & phone number remains accurate.


Wed 9/19/2018, 7:44 PM


thanks for your response. We will ship your Pimax Kickstarter reward asap.
Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Pimax Support


@anon23564932 Please give an update on the 8K-X development as promised in October


Hi! I don’t want to be blunt or a dream breaker, but take a Kickstarter campaign as in investment in the stock market. You have the chance to reduce your risk losing moneyn and still a chance to your get your reward further along the road. Optimize this chance and get the most you can get from Pimax now and hope for the best next year.

My 2 cents.

October 2018 8K-X update report : nothing to report
November 2018 8K-X advance update report : nothing to report
December 2018 8K-X advance advance update report : nothing to report

If we read between the lines Pimax have probably simply no time for the 8KX now.


I can’t find the post right now, but i’ve read they are working at the moment on the 8k-X to get 50hz stable. There were also some CAD Screenshots which showed that it will have 2 cable, or at least have at the moment.

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And any of this drivel helps anyone who has already backed the 8K-X how exactly?

I’m trying to get mod status on here

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Foveated rendering associated with “lowres” panels will widen the market (VR with lower-end GPUs, or better VR quality for standalone HMDs).

However there will still be an enthusiast market willing to pay more (HMD and GPU) to get the highest resolution as possible by coupling foveated rendering with highres panels + highend GPUs.

SDE is not the only limiting factor in VR, neither is FOV.
Also foveated rendering is not there yet.
And 8K could possibly do better than what it currently does if it was fitted with higher quality panels and scaler.
8KX, while not being usable for most games currently could still be used for movies or any application not requiring high framerate.


If I am 8k-x backer, I will accept the condition to get 5k+ or 8k without loan when I can buy 8k-x which be equal or cheaper than kickstarter price.

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The email is likely screwed up & just means which loaner do you want.

@Chucksta is an 8k-X backer.

@anon23564932 @Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang

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Yep, and have 8K loaner, and loving it :smiley:


Linus Tech tips. The $7000 nvidia card with hbm2 memory should do fine. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles::cookie:


Every 8k-X backer should have received an email asking if you wanted a loaner as I’m also an 8k-X backer and remember it clearly. I would have chosen that myself if I hadn’t also backed the 8k. As for as your choice now you could possible still receive the loaner if not than I can’t help you with your decision. I guess it would come down to how much faith do you have in Pimax.


Back when the Kickstarter closed… 8KX backers were given 3 options

Option 1: Pay to full price for an 8k to get to keep it and also be sent the 8kX when it is ready

People who chose Option 1 paid extra money to take the offer up. Those are the people that are expected to receive a discount for a loaner if they drop to a 5k+

Option 2: Edit: Receive a loaner, return the loaner when the 8kX is ready

These people paid nothing extra upfront so I don’t understand why they would get a voucher for a downgrade of a loaner.

Option 3: Wait til the 8kX is ready.

Those who chose Option 3 areassumed to just wait… and will need a separate thread to cover queries about downgrading instead of a loan option. Because they did not pay extra for a loan. Unless Pimax are willing to swap them to option 2.


For option 2, I remember it should be like this:
Get a 8K or 5K as a loaner, Pimax will absorb the delivery cost, when 8KX is ready, you send the loaner back to Pimax, Pimax will deliver 8KX.

So there is no extra fee for the loaner, unless Pimax eat its word.


Thanks you might be correct. Ive added a reference link…been so long that it is hard to keep track.

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