Got my Eye Tracking discount. Now how to get the 8k->5k Downgrade Coupon?

I got my Eye Tracking discount sorted. Next for me is to figure out how I get the $100 8k->5k Downgrade coupon. Should it just be showing up on my account? Is it something I have to ask for? Or, does no one have this yet and I should just be patient?


I think you have to contact support. It can only be used for Pimax made accessories, so no eye or hand tracking.

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Could @PimaxUSA or someone else please either confirm the answer to this question or tell me the best way to do so? Alternatively, has anyone else ever received their $100 credit? If so, how did you do it?

Thank you.

I got my downgrade coupon code by contacting Pimax support. And twack3r is correct… that coupon CAN NOT be used to purchase the Eye-tracker and Hand-Tracking.


I’m hoping it can be used for shipping.

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Can the downgrade coupon be used on the 8kX Backer Upgrade Plans?

That and all other streched goals was what you sad no to with the upgrade to 8k-x.

You need to open a support ticket asking for the 5K+ coupon and they will email it. The coupon has no expiry date on it. It can’t be bundled. It can’t be used for non-Pimax products. It can’t be used for shipping. They don’t make change so use it to max value.
It does register in the store when number is entered. I used mine last week as my Pimax cable has started to sparkle.

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Backer upgrade plan C

Personally, I’ve got my downgrade coupon number on my Kickstarter order ( under section “8K downgrade to 5K PLUS” just before my Eyetracking coupon section.

Can you use the discount coupon yet for eye tracking?

No. And you won’t ever be able to.

I’ve created a support ticket so that I get my $100 Kickstarter Backer 8k->5k Downgrade Coupon.

Isn’t it odd that we have to request the coupon or not get it? It feels like Pimax hopes that their promises might not get redeemed this way, which would be all win/win for them. Maybe it’s just new company syndrome and they’re in way over their head?

There’s NOTHING to spend it on assuming they actually deliver the backer kits and just don’t let it lapse past Oct. 31 and “reluctantly” give us $150 instead of anything.

I’m contemplating making a Pimax Gets Smashed video in a vain attempt to recoup any money spent.

I’m hoping it can be used for shipping.

this should be a thing!

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If shipping is cost they need to pass to another company then it’s the same as eye tracker and hand tracker, real money is not what these coupons are supposed to be for Pimax

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Sarcasm. Sorry I’m not sure.

open a ticket on this more than 2 weeks ago. no word since. not in a rush because i would be using it for controllers, but still haha.

I’ve created a support ticket cause I dont received the $100 coupon too.
Pimax respond : You have chose plan C, the price of Plan C has include $100 price difference for 8K download to 5K plus.

It is normal ?

Read the very bottom line in Plan C. You give up the coupon in the plan pricing.