Got my backerkit and handtracker - impressions + need help

The KDMAS and my handtracker finally arrived but I run into issues.

First, I need to say that the sound is not that bad, it actually works to my surprise.
But still the design is very unfortunate. The design forces an effect that can be described as
“holding your ear to a shell”. It’s a nice play for kids telling them that they can hear the sea inside
the shell. In this case its a weird effect that impacts the sound. Other than that, it’s better than expected.
Bass is ok, but I fear they cranked it to max so with other closed earcups it might get too boomy.

Comfort is not that bad as well, but the weight distribution is not spread across the whole back foam.
So it feels like its putting the whole weight on a single small spot at your neck which makes it less comfortable than the DAS. I think that also here shape of the back of your head plays a big role as well.
Also I find the KDMAS a lot more wobbly than the DMAS. With a heavy HMD like Pimax this is also very unfortunate, especially for rapid movement.

Opening a Pimax package…you’ll instantly know it comes from china since they mostly have that typical chemical smell to it.

The handtracker does not work. I’ve tried several pitool versions but it does not get detected in Pitools.

It has been a long time for the 8k to get a firmware update, but unfortunately I now have severe ghosting which make the HMD unusable. (even on seperate eyes) Any idea where the firmwares are stored so I can try to flash back and see if that helps?