Google earth on the Pimax

I want to purchase a VR Headset to use Primarily for Google Earth/Street view. Does the Pimax work good with Google Earth? Also is the Pimax the best headset for Google Earth? All comments are appreciated. Thanks



I can’t say whether or not the Pimax works well with Google Earth, since my headset has not yet arrived. However, the best choice is almost certainly the 5K+, for its display “crispness” and text legibility.


Last time I used Google e with the vive it was like I was superman flying but as soon as I got to see the buildings it was like I was a 1000 foot giant standing in a cardboard city lol . I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with pimax


It works AWESOME~
I can see my home in google earth with Pimax. Large FOV makes me feel i’m not watching but involved


You will need also some tracked controllers, GoogleEarth VR is working only with those.

I tried it. It’s bloody amazing! I went to my old houses in England, New York, Atlanta and Texas

Flying around NY is amazing

Would recommend IGN 10/10


Google Earth on Pimax is one of the coolest non-game applications available, its amazing and works flawless on 8K and 5K+! :slight_smile:


Hi tomz. Hey I am new to VR. What kind of controllers are you talking about? Does Pimax make them?

EarthVR does not work with mouse and keyboard. It need controllers like NoloVR or similar ones.