Good Pimax 5k plus review

A good balanced review. :grinning::+1:


He also mentions about IPD issue! Hey Pimax will you solve this biggest issue?

I will be testing my 5k+ in a VR club that my friends own soon, and lets see what people will report? Especially the ones with 66 and lower IPD?

My self-measured IPD is 63 mm and I use 65 mm with my 8K and it looks great. While low IPDs may be a problem for the headset, the problem range is lower than 66 mm.

My friend with 65mm had similar eyestrain like me, mine is 62mm, and by all means 62 is not low IPD! Just a bit lower than average human IPD of 64!

Hope you have more thsn 1 headset as yours might have issues.

& both headsets 5k+ & 8k