Getting the most out of Pimax - SteamVR 2K and TrackIR 6DOF


Sorry if this question has already been answered.

Been spending an awful amount of time trying to figure out if this is posible:

  • SteamVR with a 2K resolution (2560x1440)
    Been messing a lot with OpenVR but can’t seem to reproduce the behavior that our korean friend has posted in a video back in December 2016. Ive been able to make some test (chess pattern) in video mode running OpenVR server, but can’t seem to have any luck with SteamVR. Added the driver osvr to the drivers folder (no drivers.cfg tho), but SteamVR never seems to run in together with the server and gives me HMD not found.

  • Head tracking with TrackIR 6DOF
    Been able to have more 2DOF using it together with the Pimax gyroscope in Prepar3D, but it would be perfect if I was able to use only TrackIR, since it tracks perfectely 6DOF with no drift. Tried with OpenTrack and FreePie but no luck. With Riftcat I was able to get it working (a lot of lag) but it is posible, it seems…

Tks in advance for the help you guys can provide.
It would be a smashing VR experience to have both these two options working!


I think your best bet is driver4vr. The dev is looking at a lot of different positional solutions. If you ask him to support it, he might do.

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u can just disable pimax sensors in piplay and use trackir. i have done this but i fly mostlu low wing aircraft and like to look over my wings and back in a circuit and trackir doesnt track that far. i had played with using both and turning x and y axis off in trackir but never got good results. i have driver4vr and a kinect 360 and it works but seems unstable on the 360

Hi Buddy,

I wanted to ask if you had any experience using other headsets with Prepar3d and how the Pimax 4k compares from a resolution and visual fidelity stand point?



Hi! No experience at all with other headsets.

For what I see, regarding to Prepar3D, screen resolution is a must…
The only option to improve image quality in HTC or Oculus is using DSR, but the pixels arent there and that makes all the difference. Together with the screen door effect I don’t think other HMDs will get any better at the current state of art.

@frogger: I already tried that, but disabling pimax sensors doesnt activate TrackIR equivalent DOF. It continues to present the same 2 DOF before disabling the gyroscopes.


Tks Jonny.

Been testing with Driver4VR+FreePie.
Can see the variables changing in FreePie but nothing happens in Driver4VR… any ideas?
In FreePie i’m outputing trackir variables into freetrack, as i did for the riftcat.


I am not sure. I tried freepie a while ago with psmove service and it worked. Nothing will show on the driver4vr interface, it just works in steamvr. Maybe it doesn’t support trackIR yet. Search the driver4vr forums and post a message, Greg the dev, will help.

@jonnypanic You’re using FreepieBridge? Yep, already posted a message over there.

I believe it was freepiebridge, yeah.

Does anyone know where can i getam old piplay and firmware drivers?.. trying to replicate the steam 2k video…

contact support on steam , when my 4k got locked from cleaning the lenses they used team viewer and had to install a very old version they had on their pc. they can send it to you and normally reply within a few hours