Get rid of blurryness with 4k@30Hz?

I am really looking in improving the 4k.
Three ways came to my mind we could try:

  1. Limit the refresh to 30Hz and insert a black/blank Screen for the other 30Hz.
    This would reduce brightness but i removed the shutters, so brightness should be no problem.
    Probably there would be a noticable strobing, i do not know…pimax could try that.

Because steady 30fps is quite easy to achieve also in VorpX, if the strobing is minimal, this would be a way to go.

  1. Let us limit in the Pimax-app the Refresh of the screen (60/50/40Hz). This way we could give the Panel more time to switch the screen completely to the new picture. I am not certain that this would give the Panel more time for switching, Pimax must try.

  2. Alter the Firmware, that the amount of time the full picture is shown is reduced (also adjustable in the pimax-app (like 100/90/80/70/60/50% of time). This would also decrease the brightness, but for sure the panel has more time for switching the pixels…

I do play right now The Witcher 2 in VorpX with all set to max (ingame resolution 1080p, good AA), and it looks stunning. But this blurring is still annoying me.

@Pimax-Support, PLEASE HELP me to get best Experience out of my 4k!

I am pretty certain that we can reduce the on-time of the pixels because with removed shutters the screen is bright enough anyway!

Hmm, i just now realize that just reducing on-time to receive a blurrless picture would have been an easy way for pimax to get rid of the shutters in first place…
Well, maybe there was another reason for Pimax to use the shutters.

Pimax, thanks for help and time!

Edit: It would be time for Pimax to let us use 4k@30Hz (naively, bypass scaler) if possible…

Thank you for the suggestions about the PImax 4K. We will submit it to our engineer in order to help users to get better experience in the future.

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Pimax 4K V2

CLP display

Displayport 1.4

Native 4k capable

Vive Pro killer! :wink:

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add a Lighthouse tracking system and a bit more comfort and this will totally true