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I know this doesn’t really belong here but I don’t have a better more mature place to get some input on this. I am wondering whether games have become more difficult in recent years or whether I have to resign myself to declining mental and physical abilities. I have probably spent $500 on games in the last couple years and over 90% I have given up in the first hour. I just simply can’t do them. There have been a couple that I enjoyed so much that I basically watched youtube videos for how to do each and every step. Not sure that is exactly playing a game though. :slight_smile:

I don’t do fps or adventure because I just don’t like them so it is not a twitch reaction going away, I don’t think. It probably is just a declining me from age, but wondered if there were any comments.

Don't feel you need to sugarcoat anything.  If the games are easy, then they are.  :)
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What kind of games are you talking about?
Multiplayers or solo? AAA or Inde ?

About multiplayers FPS…I dont play them anymore and twenty years ago I was not so bad at CounterStrike.
Last time I played CSGO with my son he beated the hell out of me…


I’m sure some of both. Age and difficulty. My five year old grandson makes games look easy. Find somthing you enjoy and don’t worry about the rest of it. There is a good variety to go around.

Try half life Alyx, it has a variety to it and is great. It will chew up a bunch of hours and is worth playing through a second time for sure.


Yeah bit hard to know without examples of what you like and trying to play. But it definitely doesn’t get easier with age :smiley:

Agree with others I still play ‘combat’ games in FPS or space stuff but no longer any good at PvP I usually avoid that. Massively prefer PvE / co-op especially on a large scale.

Been really enjoying No Man’s Sky in recent months. Lots of exploration content with a bit of combat, but overall tone is quite ambient and not too challenging. Pretty hard to die, although not impossible. Meant to feel like you’ve jumped into a 70s sci fi book cover and they’ve nailed that pretty well.

That and HLA are easily my favourite VR experiences at the moment.

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It’s a mix. Games have increased in complexity (sometimes for the worse), VR has made it easier to aim, but this is the part that matters.

fps or adventure because I just don’t like them so it is not a twitch reaction going away, I don’t think

Correct. If are healthy enough to run a quarter mile, some studies have been done, and unambigiously show older players have the reflexes to at least hold the top of most score boards with other competitive players.

What matters is whether you like it. Being good at high-intensity multiplayer FPS in particular is not about practice, but how you practice. The best are taking pot shots at everything in the game that looks like a decent target, just to see where it hits. Many of the most famous of the American ‘wild west’ did the same. And running through the practice lobby that PavlovVR has, at full sprint, not stopping if a target does get missed, but just going back through another run.

You have to like being at the top of your game, just purely for the fun of it, to be good at anything like that.

Complexity is the same way, and games have indeed increased in terms of complexity.

Onward is a good example. The classic ‘Uplink’ mode Onward requires patience, knowing where to hide, when to strike, and excellent aiming skills. So you pretty much need some PavlovVR time to be ready for Onward, and then you need to like it enough to really keep your mind focused on ‘how can I do better’ all the while while carefully taking things low and slow.

On the desktop, complexity is getting worse as more features are added. On top of that, stupid progression mechanics have been added to cripple us from the start. Then there is the default WASD key layout, which I do not use - AZSD with ‘e’ use ‘r’ reload ‘x’ jump ‘c’ crouch ‘shift’ sprint ‘f’ fire mode ‘g’ throw, dates back to the classic game Descent and is much better.

Far Cry New Dawn seems to exemplify all those characteristics. On the upside, it does present some interesting scenarios and challenges, but it takes a while to get into.

My advice would be to find something you like so much you want to play it like this.
(warning: game footage, fiction, etc…)

No twitch reaction stuff really, but an absolute mastery of pinpoint accuracy and using just the right keyboard buttons at the right moment. It’s a speedrun, and once I realized I could play through such scenarios this way, I loved it.

Things like this are downright painful for any human to play until you have some deep experience with them though… Some things happen at random too to ensure you actually have to become proficient, rather than just doing exactly the same things twice.

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Oh this is classic. You can just feel the player’s irritation at the delay here.
(warning: game footage, fiction, etc…)

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Sorry, I should have been more specific on what I play. First I did not mean this to be a vr game thread. I have actually given up on vr as the headaches are just too bad.

I don’t play any fps or adventure type games. I tried to play Witcher because I wanted to like it, same with Assassin’s Creed. Very much wanted to play Red Dead as I love Westerns and gave up in the first encounter.

What I do play is mostly strategy and used to play mmo’s and rts’s Gave up on rts’s long ago and just don’t seem to enjoy mmo’s anymore. Loved the Civilizations but gave up on the last couple of editions, too hard. Loved all xcoms, 600 hours in xcom2, gave up on Phoenix Point. Have 850 hours in Stellaris but I can only play with the first couple of dlc’s. Can’t seem to wrap my head around the changes when I activate more. No Mans Sky is my most recent winner with 1000 hours but nothing left to do. Every upgrade done and bank account maxed. lol But just loved the game.

Surviving Mars was a good game but I’m not really a builder fan, not quite sure why that fit in. I thought Battletech was excellent, really enjoyed it. 250 and 350 hours on those two.

Not sure what to add. I guess I am feeling like if there is a timer in a game of any sort, I might as well forget about it, whether that is shooting something, swinging a sword, or a timer on a mission. And that rules out a lot of stuff! lol

Thank you for the responses. Another additional factor that has occurred to me and might be the biggest issue here is that I just don’t seem to have the patience I once did either. I will try repeatedly because I’m stubborn, but after trying to accomplish something 8-10-12 times in a row, I will give up and just say I can’t play that game.

The game designers probably love me, they make sales and never have to allocate any resources to gameplay. :slight_smile:

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With games it depends. Some are easy, some are very complex in different ways, some are easy to learn while hard to master and be competitive in in multiplayer.
You may try either something casual, turn based strategies or some card rogue-likes.
You may try for example free (except DLC) Night of Full Moon which is based on classical fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. You go through a sequence of battles and evens during which you build/upgrade your card deck.
There are many free demos as well for similar games (Monster train is another roque-like in a different style).
Another game you can try is Kerbal Space Program, which is in sale right now. It’s a space exploration sim with funny little aliens where you can set different levels of difficulty (including how much a failure penalizes you). I play on Hardcore which makes you stress over lives of your crew, but you can play with them survive anything and with a little penalties to your budget due to failures.
It was fun for me and brother and definitely something to share fun with children/grandchildren. It also have dedicated fans who happen to be space science geeks and bring tutorials and stuff like


That is perhaps the very best possible recommendation for this person’s interests. And it works much like real life space launches too!

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Last time I played CSGO with my son and I beated the hell out of him…of course, he is only 4 years old…


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