FS2020 will get VR support in december

Let’s warm our GPU up for this ^^ :


it will be hot to make it work with a 1080ti :crazy_face:


glad i have the 3090 then. When i play ACC i use r.TextureStreaming=0 and my vram use is 23.1 gb , and 16gb ram So i understand why i need 3090 whit 24gb vram.

pitool 1.0 steady 75 fps 4k native


I am pretty sure in the worse case, with SmartSmoothing on, 72hz and Normal FoV it will run on my 8k+/1080TI.


With or without Bugs? From what I have been reading My I7-7700 RTX 2070 might be underpowered. But I would love to try it without the Bugs.

VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator will launch with its next update on Dec. 22. The free VR support will arrive for all PC headsets - not just the new Reverb G2 headset as previously thought - in Sim Update 2.


First look at VR in MSF. Doesnt look bad, however, a bit basic. What I would like to see is VR controller support along with hand tracking.


atleast no visual downgrade

just tried it and cant get it working with my 5K plus. The image is off 90 degreed to the left. (I dont mean in a way that needs re-centering. Its like the screen is off to the left and I can see black around and behind the image. Any one else?

Was it supposed to be release tomorrow?
nvm downloading it ^^
17go…will try it tomorrow then :sob::sob:

There’s a discussion with fixes going on over here:

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