FS2020 VR + Pimax Discussion

Crank up Pitools render scale.

DX12 Beta Works okay with PimaxXR in Normal view only for now.

I’d had no problems and yes its easy.

Releases · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR (github.com)

I’m guessing you are using the Steam version of MSFS 2020. Use this Releases · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR (github.com) and click on PimaxXR. Just run from the game menu in Pitools no experience.

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So if i am right just run that program pimax open xr(do i always need to run it,or does it remember the settings?) and start the game as i normaly do,and nothing more is needed to do?

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It remembers…it basically a toggle switch.

How do you get any FPS if you crank up Pitools render scale? I cant take it past 1.25 usually without my fps dropping into the low 30s

Yes you need to run it and just click MSFS on your desk top or Pitools Game section. Don’t run STEAMVR. I found it only works in Normal FOV right now. If gauges are a little blurred crank up your PiTools settings and make sure you have Hidden area mask checked. You are trying to use DLSS right.


Yep. Steamvr should only be running on games other than msfs though if you switch to pimaxxr, in any case, open composite would be needed on DCS, subnautica, assetto corsa competitizone, dirt 2.0 if its set properly steamVR wont even start. Other games still need steamVR + steamVR runtime.

Also, you can use the OpenXR Toolkit but only in Normal FOV for now.

Oh man it looks Super in DCS and in Large FOV. I just uninstalled the Steam version and downloaded DCS Beta version from DCS World. You can transfer all your purchases from Steam into DCS World. So now I use PiMaxXR and run it. You can also run the ToolKit with it no problems.

I am now trying DCS .
But i am running it with pimax open vr in steam vr version,but now i dont need to use paralell projections any more??? or am i losing it… smart smoothing works i dcs… Or was it an update in dcs?

Thats how I use to run it not no more though. I’m getting 50 fps with all extreme high settings in Large FOV. Not using Smart Smoothing or PP, don’t need it. Plus, you can use the Toolkit.

But without smart smoothing you get stuttering or not?

No stuttering that I can see.

Can anyone of you try the following fix for motion smoothing?

And only dx11

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