Free Protective Sleeve?

In the Blackfriday ad they are offering a “free” protective sleeve for the Pimax 8k/5k case. Wouldn’t mind having one of these, but it looks like you need to provide an order number? So I guess it’s not really free?

Would be nice if they at least offered these to backers…

It is for Amazon Customers,it’s Written small in the left side column of the ad and Color Codes. I did Not notice it at first also. I think you also need to place a review on Amazon to get one and it’s part of the deals for the current sales
Edit - sorry right side, left side is for the other deal.


It’s a black friday deal…what does black Friday sales have to do with backers? I feel some people on this forum assume every product pimax offers for the rest of their existence should be free for backers…


Are you talking about these ?

Man I actually kind of like the white one , gives it a storm trooper look.

Hey @PimaxUSA how likely is it that we will be able to get White Variants, or other colors like Ferarri Red special editions of the HMD itself in the future.

Maybe do promotions with game launches and create a special Orange Half-Life: Alyx edition in time for the games release or slightly after. I bet you would sway alot of potential Index buyers with that.

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I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not white. Apparently, it is light gray, for the dingy storm trooper look.

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Yeah, white colour is not even listed on the website.
Though on the pic above it looks more white than grey as we’ve seen before. Could the picture lie that much? :thinking:

There’s a few pics of it in this thread also:

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its a camera trick then . compared to everything around it ot looked white. I assumed it was darker because ot was sitting in some shade. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i don’t know but the cover seems like it may cause overheating.

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Yeah. Maybe they have thought about it and the material can transfer heat adequately?

I ordered 2 of those never received any of them…money trap (i ordered directly from Pimax)