Foveated rendering

Has there been any data on how much of a performance increase this can have in VR?

Save 30%-60%??? Of performance?

Well it depends. In current vr headsets it would obviously be less. On something like the Pimax it would be much larger gains. From Nvidia funhouse it looked like about 2x performance increase. Although it’d be even more on the Pimax 5k and 8k.

I think the potential gains would be amplified on the Pimax headsets because of the amount of screen real estate.

fixed foveated rendering is already being done on those mobile based HMD’s and the gains are usually around 25% or so, combine this with DLSS and other algorithms that can ensure a smooth experience like time warp etc and there are some good performance gains to be had.

If the foveated rendering can occur with minimal lag. It would be awesome. Human eye movement is very sporadic, you don just gaze at one point in the view. Your eyes will move very frequent probably like 2-3 points within 1 second. In gaming you will constantly changing gaze looking at your hud, ammo, health bar not to mention if you have like 5 targets to shoot in the view. You know what i mean.

Perhaps if we move the head and not the eyes (we should teach ourselves to do that) it would solve the trouble of lag and benefit the performance.