Foveated rendering on iRacing. it will be available in future?

I will going to order eye-tracking addon as soon as It is available.

For other VR games, FFR works great and it boosts performance a lot.
But the problem is iRacing doesn’t support FFR for now. that mean DFR will not be work for the game. Recent iRacing is very demanded especially when it use HDR and enabled high quality options.

iRacing is my major title I use Pimax. I have no idea why it dosen’t work. Can I expect it will be work in future update?

Since iRacing is your primary game, I suggest waiting to buy an eye-tracker until someone confirms it works (or not). If it doesn’t support FFR, it’s unlikely to support DFR.

I play many VR games. so I will buy it. but I hope it would support in future.

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Are you sure? Using FFR was distracting in iRacing so I turned it off. Seemed to me that it was working…

Yes I am sure. I’m using 2080. What is your set up ? I’m using latest Pitool
SRS turned on in iracing
PP off (on had been tested)
Smart Smooth off
Hidden area Mask off
FFR aggresive
FOV Large (all FOV tested)
Render Quality 1

Hmm. Same settings, 2080ti.

that is very weird. Do you suspect anything of cause of my problem?

I’m a 8k user

Interesting. I have a 5+ as well as 8k+, and I stopped using FFR because everything outside of the center was blurry and distracting (although at a higher frame rate).

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t see the effects of FFR unless there is something else going on.

I would definitely say FFR worked in iRacing (and 99% of my VR use is in iRacing).

There have been similar reports of FFR in Elite D working/failing on 2080s. I’m thinking it might be due to the video driver version.

I’m certain that I can distinguish between FFR running and not. I am sure iRacing does not run FFR for my system. rF2, ACC could run FFR and it had got great performance boost for my system.

thank you for information. What should I do. I want the Pimax technician clear it out.

Why that?
And: HDR does not make sense in any hmd because the displays do not support it. So the engine rendering a more color dynamic range picture is useless.

Hope so. Easiest way to see is on the main monitor game window. And of course in the lower left pitools software status information for ffr and smart smoothing

It is also very huge for normal display. It is not only for HdR penel. Just better. It gives you much more believable lighting over the game. You can also see that Half life Alyx. Visual immersion quality could much improve by HDR enable.

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